Saturday, August 12, 2006


I'll take geography for $150, Jack.

True or false: Maine is a northern state.

The answer is of course, true. But tonight, the Bangor Maine scoreless streak is south of the Donna Dixon line.

No matter, because between two third inning triples, a key seventh inning rally, and most importantly some strong relief from Aaron Heilman and Billy Wagner, the Mets defeated the Nationals 6-4 tonight at what sounded like Shea south tonight.

The win makes Mets a very respectable 7-4 since trading Xavier Nady, so there seems to be no need for another outfielder. But there are options out there. And for those scared that one Mr. Lastings Milledge isn't ready, and terrified that Michael Tucker and Ricky Ledee are going to wind up playing meaningful innings in October, I give you this: Not only has Geoff Jenkins been benched by the Brewers for the rest of the season, but a certain World Series hero's son has been designated for assignment.

Not that I necessarily endorse bringing in either of these high strikeout guys, but Jenkins is probably one of the streakiest hitters out there. And if the Mets can catch one of those good streaks, Jenkins might be a cheap way to make the Mets' lineup super scary again (and if it does work out this season, you could always trade him again in the offseason, right? Buy low, sell high? Greed is good?)

And Preston Wilson? I'm a sucker for anyone related to Mookie.

Hey, I'm just putting it out there.


Anonymous said...

You read my mind. When I saw in the NY Times this morning that Preston was released, I nearly spit out my coffee. I would definitely pick him up. He would give us a needed power bat off the bench and serve as a nice late inning defensive replacement for either Floyd or Milledge. They could also platoon Chavez and Wilson if Milledge is evenutally sent down.

Since he was designated for assignment (as opposed to being placed on waivers), would they have to trade for him? This always confuses me.

What's up with Delgado? He looks lost up there.

Anonymous said...

at this point i really wish they could have found a bucket of spit for the phillies and 24 million for abreu. cliffys contract was coming off the books at years end anyway. the obp would look pretty sweet in the 2 hole had willie the brains to slot him there. jus' sayin.

Metstradamus said...


Jenkins actually makes me think Hidalgo. When good, they're awesome. But when bad, they're beyond putrid.

Unser, of course I read your mind. I'm a soothsayer! (you walked into that one.)

Off the top of my head: When a team DFA's a player, they have ten days to trade him, release him, or put him on waivers with the purpose of sending him to the minors (an assignment which the player can accept or deny...if he denies the minors assignment, he's released.)

If I am wrong, please someone call me out.

Anonymous, if that offer stood for other teams besides the Yankees, I'm sure Omar would have put said "bucket of spit" together. According to the crack staff, other teams were offering more in terms of prospects while also willing to pick up the entire contract. But whenever the Mets were mentioned in the Abreu sweepstakes, Lastings Milledge was also mentioned and that wasn't happening.

But I don't know what Gillick was thinking.

A.J., all true. But Wilson and Jenkins wouldn't so much be "the answer" as they would be just an upgrade from Milledge in the short term to return the Mets lineup to being the mythical juggernaut it once was. Say what you want about Nady but he was a luxury who provided protection to the upper lineup spots.

Think about it this way: Would Jenkins or Preston Wilson be an upgrade from Michael Tucker? And I don't ask that as a slam dunk hypothetical (although I may think it is, you may not). And if you would rather Jenkins or Wilson, the next question is: would you be willing to spend the money? And if your answer is "Jenkins", then your next question is: Do you think you can get rid of him and his $7 million next season if you would rather have Cliff Floyd next year (which I would for clubhouse presence alone)?

Heck, the way Jenkins is going he might be DFA's and then you wouldn't have to worry about it.

Metstradamus said...

Okay, maybe Jenkins or Wilson isn't so much of an upgrade from Michael Tucker.


Anonymous said...

i think preston's a no-brainer also. moreover, he might be good for seasons to come. the lad is only 32.
yeah, tucker surprised everyone with that shot. but maybe you've seen the most you're gonna get from him: one run-scoring single, one nifty outfield putout, one timely home run.
how bout delgado's defense at first? snaring the valentin throw, and then catching the foul ball on the slide to end the game?
love your hate the honda ad sentiment. been thinking that every time it starts to come on -- cause i shut it right off. it is despicable. (and i drive a civic, btw.) think we should get a letter-writing campaign going to the fan about it. they lose money if we turn off the radio, don't they?