Friday, August 04, 2006

Small Consolation

So I'm guessing you all are amazed by my reverse psychological impact on Chase Utley's hitting streak. By putting Joe DiMaggio on the August 4th hate list and mentioning that there was a small part of me that wanted Utley to extract the wife beater from the record books, I basically ensured that Utley's hit streak would bite the dust tonight, which it did. Thank you, I'll be here all week. Try the veal, tip your waitress.

Now what I should have done was tell you all how much I like David Dellucci and Ryan Howard...the guys that actually defeated the Mets tonight.

Keep in mind that those are two guys who, in their career, are hitting .205 and .220 against left handed pitching. Of course, Dellucci takes Cousin Oliver deep, and Ryan Howard went yard off of Willie Montanez.

I mean, Pedro Feliciano. The new number threw me off a little bit.

But the bright spot was seeing another old geezer leg himself three bases. Thursday night it was the flu ridden Julio Franco on a single/two base error. Friday, Orlando Hernandez (yes, Orlando Hernandez) drove one off of the left field wall to the surprise of Dellucci, who crashed and crumpled against the left field wall allowing Hernandez to get all the way to third base. Ron Darling couldn't stop talking about how Orlando cadillacked it towards first base thinking he had a home run, then turned on the jets after the ball hit the wall.

I for one, couldn't tell the difference.

But these people are too old to be running around in this heat. I mean, isn't the first thing you hear on the news during a heat spell is to keep your pets and old people indoors? And these two AARP eligible gentlemen are running around out there in extreme heat with various ailments like the flu and high socks? This treatment borders on abuse if you ask me...and I blame Con Edison.

As long as I'm rambling, how pissed off is Utley that the guy that defensively robbed him of his streak is a guy who lists second base as his weakest position?

Here's more creepy stuff: If Chase Utley had made it to game 56 with the streak still intact, he would have had a chance to tie DiMaggio at Shea Stadium.

Utley is tied for the longest hit streak by a second baseman...Luis Castillo also had a 35 game hitting streak in 2002. If Castillo would have made it to 56, he too would have had a chance to tie DiMaggio at Shea Stadium.


I don't know what it all means, but the Metstradamus crack staff has also unearthed that Chase Utley's personal assistant is named Lincoln, and Luis Castillo's financial advisor is named Kennedy.

Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

While the NY Mets were losing to Philly last night, the Binghamton Mets were working on another hot streak. Philip Humber made his Binghamton debut last night. I have a couple of photos. Humber had mixed results, leaving behind in the score, but the B-Mets came back to win. To see a couple of photos, go to and click on the "Binghamton Mets" group.

Here's a link to one: