Thursday, August 24, 2006

Planet Green

We begin with the news that with the arrival of Shawn Green, the Mets had a couple of roster moves to make. To make room, not only has Omar Minaya designated the planet Pluto for assignment, but outfielder Ricky Ledee has been designated as a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union. Officials reason that Ledee was not the dominant object in his area of the locker room...and thus planet number nine, and the outfielder who wore number nine both leave us.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes for Planet Green, whose final month and a half of the season will be linked to that of tonight's opponent and former candidate to be our ninth planet, Preston Wilson. Wilson got off to a strong start with his new Cardinal team, with a dinger, a double, and a leaping catch into the stands mixed in. So he's started out tonight with a bit of a head start.

Well, Green's value is going to be measured more for what he does for the rest of the lineup as a ripple effect than what he does himself. In that case, mission accomplished as David Wright drove a fat fastball from Jason Marquis for a single in his first at bat with Green as his protection, while Green himself followed his standing ovation with a screamer that went right at Ronnie Belliard for a 4-3 double play, then got another ovation for hitting the ball hard.

Look, up in the's a's a's the bar being raised.

So the second time around was the true test. Taking advantage of a wild Jason Marquis, Wright drilled a sac fly to right field...followed by Green's line drive ribbie to left with the backdrop of Chris Cotter explaining how he's more a line drive hitter than a home run hitter. You can reason that Wright's long fly ball, and his single were the best swings he's taken in a long time thanks to the added protection of Green. So now we know Green's role in the lineup: enabler.

And it's worth noting that the bottom of the third also included young Preston botching a fly ball which was generously scored a triple for Paul Lo Duca...who probably became the first catcher in a bozillion years to have a triple and an infield hit in the same game.

So the inevitable comparisons between the actual acquisition and the "almost" acquisition becomes more favorable for New York's newest friend.

Some may say Shawn Green is a luxury. But with David Wright and Carlos Delgado slumping for the better part of a month before Delgado's breakout week which started in Philly, luxury became necessity. Thus, Planet Green makes his arrival, and a successful one at that. With Delgado already heated up, and David Wright taking better swings, the Mets solar system is now in alignment.


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Pluto designated for assignment......brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

was at shea tonight, and maybe it was the leftover mists of the hard rain that preceded the action, but shea's grass looked greener and the mets' play looked gauzier, soft-focused in a sentimental way. this is how what remains of the regular schedule will feel, as small, sweet chapters in the story of this year's march to the playoffs.

there was much to celebrate, including dave williams' stellar effort, a sweep of the cards, and the tying of the club's home-game win streak (11). but yes, i think the light will fall brightest on shawn green's debut. there's already a chant: shawn/GREEN/shawn/GREEN/shawn/GREEN over and over, between pitches of his at-bats.
the bottom half of the order looks so much more solid with green in it. as you noted, not only is he another bat, but he lifts up wright's plate appearances. and when your #8 hitter is endy chavez, who was hitting .300 going into the game, man, that's good eatin.

Jaap said...

Green makes an already intimidating batting order all the more daunting for post season pitchers.

You're spot on Metstra - the ripple effect in the lineup will be noticeable the rest of the season. Another brilliant roster move by Omar.

Anonymous said...

I had similar thoughts. While I was watching last night, I couldn't believe the line-up they were throwing out there: Green-'Stache-Chavez at 6-7-8. Day-um!

Plus, if Jose Reyes retired this afternoon, he'd get my HOF vote. First ballot.

Not that I have a vote. But just saying.

Of course, I think I should have a vote. Metstra: you should make this happen; the karma for you, your readers, and the Mets will make it all worth it. Let's make this happen by next week, say Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

I already loved the Green move... but the reception from the Shea crowd tonight has gotta be thriling for even a veteran like Green.

All of which is to say, Shawn Green fits with this team and after tonight... he knows it. That can only spell good things.

If this team really is a team of destiny... if this really is our year... we'll look back twenty years from now and it will slip our minds that Green wasn't on the team the whole year. You can't put that in numbers.

Anonymous said...

Like a true long-suffering Met fan, I'm focusing on a possible negative this morning. By demoting Lastings and with Castro gone, we're left with Franco and Woodward as the only right-handed bats off the bench (I don't consider DiFelice a viable pinch-hitting option). Don't we need a right-handed hitting outfielder for the post-season, especially if Cliff is not game ready?

And Reyes is an animal. They should name a planet after him.

beezermess said...

Have they started to put on the outfield wall "A September to Remember" like they did in 1986? Is their a rookie first baseman ready to play in the division clinching game like Dave Magadan did for Mex on Sept. 17, 1986? And is Chico Walker going to make the last out again?

Anonymous said...

Is their a rookie first baseman ready to play in the division clinching game like Dave Magadan did for Mex on Sept. 17, 1986?

We need Tagg Bozied in Shea, if only for his name. The chance to slap a 2-3 in the clinching game would be the cherry.

Anonymous said...

I like the mets and they have had good sucesses and will acheive even more victories this seasoN!

Anonymous said...

mad props are due Endy Chavez

MFin' right. Sweetest glove on the field. Hell of an arm too.

Anonymous said...

The big question here is whether Pluto will clear waivers. I've heard rumors that Betelgeuse might put in a claim.

But Siriusly...

[dodges thrown items]