Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Hard Feelings, Chum?

At least Mike Jacobs doesn't take getting traded personally.

Jacobs is reportedly close to returning to the Mets on a free agent deal, completing the circle of life that had Jacobs traded for Carlos Delgado and making his return the season after Delgado leaves. But it kinda has me scratching my head. Sure, it's a minor league deal, but for his lack of an on base percentage, Jacobs provides some of the power that the Mets have been looking for. So why would the Mets sign him simply to strengthen Buffalo? Unless ...

Unless Jacobs is another one of those moving parts to make a trade with the Reds happen by including Daniel Murphy.

Nah, makes too much sense. Jeff Wilpon wants the Bisons to be a triple-A force. And why would Keith Hernandez bother to spend time teaching Murphy how to play first base? Besides, we know that in addition to the fact that the Mets have now unofficially run out of money (Jacobs is the guy who breaks the bank?), Omar Minaya is only permitted to do one thing at a time:

But that didn't stop the large market GM from claiming career minor-leaguer Jason Pridie off waivers from the Twins yesterday. In an ironic twist, that move enabled the small market Twins to put Orlando Hudson on their 40-man roster. Let that swill in your mouth a little bit.

Oh, sorry. Too negative? Let's translate that last paragraph for the ever growing Sunshine Brigade:

The Mets claimed outfielder Jason Pridie off waivers yesterday. Pridie is low-risk, high-reward.

All right, all right. You want positive for realz, yo? Okay, here goes: Hey, good thing the Mets don't have a pesky winter caravan or a fan fest anymore. It prevents foul-mouthed stuff like this from happening.


Luis said...

Slomar can barely do ONE thing at a time

Anonymous said...

ok....yeah...even i am disappointed in not getting Hudson. On the one hand, but on the other, Castillo had a good year last season, so i can live with him.

Perhaps you could explain how a deal with the reds gets doen by including Murphy?

Perhaps you could explain who the Reds are dealing? Perhaps you like other big market team fans have still yet to realize, the Reds are not trading anything valuable for nothing simply to cut payroll. Resigning Hernnadez, might've been a clue, if they were shedding salary they could have played Hanningan. Maybe even the signing of Orlando hudson didn't do it. But if these were too subtle a clues, They went out and signed Aroldis Chapman!!!!!

The Reds have a very talented young team (something that given they are the closest team to my home could sway me, if the Mets truely are as bad as people think and they don't wise up) and they won't be trading their veterans Arroyo (their ace), harang (wouldn't want him anyway), or Cordero (their closer, whom we don't need), and certainly not all-star gold-glove second baseman Brandon Phillips.

What on earth do you think we possibly have to offer and for what are you offering it to them? Their current need is a left-fielder and maybe a proven leadoff hitter.

Murphy fits neither.


Metstradamus said...

Perhaps you could explain how Orlando Hudson ended up on the Reds.

But hey, good job, great comment. Get 'em next time.

Anonymous said...

lol....just noticed that. Meant Orlando Cabrera. Doh!


The Metmaster said...


Your reply was classy and "un-loathsome", and served its purpose.

Berbalerbs said...

Oh Metstra, don't ever change

Anonymous said...

a little self serving not to post my correction don't you think? :)


Metstradamus said...

Self serving? No. More like, I got your response on the train and just forgot that I didn't post it. It's there now. Context is restored.

thomas said...

thanks, my friend. really not here to fight with ya. i enjoy reading your stuff. just offering an opposing viewpoint that's all.

Metstradamus said...

Remember, if Met fans fight amongst themselves, the terrorists win.

thomas said...

haha....truce. although i didn't pull punches defending myself on other thread i admit that.

Metstradamus said...

Oh, and here's why the Reds would want Murphy: Don't forget he's a natural third baseman. And also don't forget that Scott Rolen will be a 35-year-old porcelain doll come opening day (right now he's just a 34-year-old porcelain doll). Rolen's backup? Aaron "Keebler Elf" Miles.

Here's why the Mets aren't trading him for a Reds pitcher: They'd probably want the Reds to pick up all of the salary for whoever they'd want and that would defeat the purpose. The Reds picking up all this salary doesn't mean they wouldn't trade Arroyo or Harang, especially since they have a glut now at the position. But the Reds at least would be trading from strength ... a concept the Wilpons haven't figured out yet.

thomas said...

ahhh...the reds have juan Francisco (last name?) that plays third and is prominent in their left field competition. He's one of their upper prospects that they seem high on and debuted very well in limited time in the majors last season. i believe the reds believe Rolen will be healthy and at third, otherwise why sign him to a two year contract extension?

i think the Reds think they can make a run this year, i don't think we have what they need or want at least not in exchange for anything we need or want.

calzone said...

It's good the Mets were working on Jacobs as the Nats were working on Wang.

Schneck said...

Slightly (but not completely) off topic, I'm sure you saw that the Mets are offering 6 pack ticket packages again. I am fairly certain that this was not originally planned (as they did not do it last year) and is more a reflection of how season ticket sales have gone thus far. The cheapest one is at the bargain price of $106 (I think) per ticket. I paid $19 per ticket for my Friday plan last year. So they are offering me the awesome opportunity to pay around the same amount for 6 games as I paid for 15 games last year. Their brilliance clearly goes beyond their personnel decisions.

number15 said...


why does the jacobs signing leave you scratching your head? we all know this is win now team. i'm talking about triple-a buffalo of course.

in honesty though, i think omar knows he has a flintstone push-pop's change in hell of keeping his job, so, knowing that the minor league affiliates have been deplorable, he's saving face so that it's a little less obvious that the entire organization's in the poop can, not just the big league squad.