Saturday, February 20, 2010

Have Cream Will Travel

"If we have to go with (Omir), we will." -Snoop Manuel
And with that, you knew the deed wasn't far away. That one line was the equivalent of the mob boss kissing you on both cheeks, telling you your days were numbered. The Mets' signing of Rod Barajas took forever, but the fate of Omir Santos was quickly sealed with a virtual two to the back of the head.

It happens that quick. It wasn't even nine months ago that Santos was participating in the two high points of the 2009 season, one of them against some guy named Papelbon. His clutch hits leapfrogged him over both Brian Schneider and Fluff Castro to the point that an afternoon game had to be delayed for like four hours so that Santos could pinch hit for Fluff ... only to pop out with the bases loaded. But a couple of well timed hits later sent Fluff to Chicago to catch a perfect game, Omir in the sweetheart suite, and Schneider to the doghouse (and eventually to Philadelphia).

And now, perhaps in no small part to some starters subtly begging for another catcher to work with, Omir is a man without a home. Where exactly is he going to go? He isn't going to be the backup, that's Hank White's job now. Buffalo? Sorry, Josh Thole needs to play. And Chris Coste needs to be that positive influence as Thole's backup. So where will Omir go? Can the Mets really get anybody of value for a guy who gets on base less than three out of every ten and has a 1.000 career average against Jonathan Papelbon?


Unser said...

Given the injuries this team endured last year, we may need Omir to take over as starting catcher by the end of May.

edward said...

Castro was the best catcher we had, but he could not stay healthy, Schneider never lived up to expectations...he was not nearly the defensive presence he was supposed to be, nor offensive..not even reliable in terms of health.

Also; Blanco has injury issues. He was signed to placate Santana and be his personal caddy....which I am all for.

AND; the icing is that Chris Coste, given a 40man roster slot then announces himself a Phillie for life...can we say 'cut'.

Irony is that Brajas AND Coste were Philly catchers (together) in recent years. This should be a plus. Although didnt Schneider go to Philly?

spankie said...

It's been a long week without you metstradamus. I think you keep all three in the majors, Barajas, Blanco and Santos. You never know when age will bite them in the butt and they need a day or week off. The injuries aren't really the biggest concern for them. Catcher is the most grueling position in the majors and the older you get the tougher it gets. Keep them all. While we're at it, is Darren Daulton available? Just asking, if we're going to sign Phillies for life, you know. We should extend to old olive branch to Dutch.