Friday, February 19, 2010

No Catcher Left Behind

"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy." -John Denver
Well it's no wonder that the Mets are making crazy predictions about World Series and what not. All this sun is making them giddy. And who could blame them after all the snow we've had here lately, and all the rotten they've had for three years.

World Series predictions? Hell, why not. Why not be excited for a day? We have the whole summer to chastise the Mets for their mouths writing checks that their OPS can't cash. We all like to talk about "hope springs eternal" and all of the lovely prose that goes with the first official day of spring training (which when you really think about it, is a date that holds less and less significance every year with the truckloads of players that report early every year, not to mention the extended spring training that was July through September last season), so why not throw some wacky predictions around for a day? That's what the official first day of spring training is for. Optimism

After that, of course, all bets are off. Especially when all of the progress made over the next month and a half are in the abstract. The season is full of wins and losses. The off-season can be easily measured in statistics, dollars, and happy-to-be-heres. Spring training? Lots of stretching. Lots of games scouted by Buffalo. Real indications of how the season is going to play out? Not from John Maine pitching against Broward County Community College (nice one, Brad). No, no real clues unless Ryan Church comes to recreate his carom off Marlon Anderson, or Omar Minaya signs five more catchers to complete his controversial gene splicing experiment to see if he can create Joe Mauer from the DNA of Josh Thole, Rod Barajas, Chris Coste, Gary Carter, Manny Sanguillen, Jack Clements, three sheep and a turkey club sandwich. Then we'll all have a clue as to whether we're doomed to misery or not.

Until then, we can dream ... at least until Kelvim Escobar goes for that inevitable MRI.


MetFanMac said...

The Elias Sports Bureau must have on file somewhere the record for most catchers signed in one offseason... I think the Mets have beaten it.

FeceMcGee said...

Beltran said we were the team to beat in 2008... so the Phillies did just that. K-Rod said we were the team to beat last year and.. well everyone just about did that.

Now Wright says we're winning the World Series. That means the team is getting contracted

Schneck said...

I understand that the new Mets annex which is more Metscentric will be ready in time for the season at the Hospital for Special Surgery. It is expected that 25 beds are ready to go, each one personalized (but easily changeable).

theBrooklynTrolleyBlogger said...

Forget the DNA splicing, just call Jerry Grote from Fantasy camp. U'kiddin me?...I just purchased a new umbrella for when that black cloud hovers over Wilpon's Dodger PlayHouse this April and rains gloom and doom all over our season.
..spring eternal...pfff
Why prolong the inevitable, I'm letting my angst out now. And...Just Give Thole the Damn Job!! Let him loose it.

Hey FeceMcG...there is a definite pattern there.

Anonymous said...

what's more ridiculous??wright saying we will win the world series or our idiot of a manager on the first day of camp getting into jose reyes's head with batting him third in the lineup.i thought that ship sailed and sunk last year..manuel is clueless and senile