Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Because Cleansing Is Necessary

Maybe all of the Mets problems can be traced back to this:

Yup, there's Mookie in a St. Louis Cardinals wool hat to support his son Preston in a World Series that the Mets were one base hit against Adam Wainwright away from being a participant in.

Do I blame Mookie for supporting a blood relative? No. Archie Manning played for the Saints for forty-five years and he still rooted for his son to beat his former team, right? Of course, Archie wasn't decked out in Colts gear but hey, it was cold in St. Louis that night. I blame Carlos Beltran more for letting that first pitch fastball get by him against Wainwright in Game 7 which ended the at-bat well before that curveball ... but I digress.

You had to be around for the rivalry against the Cardinals in the 80's to really feel the sink in your heart at the sight of Mookie wearing Cardinals colors. Think how you young'ins would feel seeing Mike Piazza wearing a tomahawk on his hat, or Pedro Martinez wearing a Phill ... oh, right.

So Mookie Wilson in a Mets uniform again, even as a minor league coach, is the best karma this organization has seen in just about three years. Whether that karma is trumped by Oliver Perez remaining in a Mets uniform remains to be seen.


calzone said...

Yeah good times with the Cubs & Cardinals.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the worst Karma is that Met fans (and yes i am one, all be it not the kind i speak of here)don't really deserve a championship. Always looking for a scapegoat (beltran, Heilman,Benitez, etc). Never just tipping your hats to a well played game, or a beautifully pitched at-bat by the opposing pitcher (wainwright. Or an incredible at-bat (paul O'neil).

Sometimes you just gotta say, "hey, good job guys, great game. Get 'em next time"

Sometimes i can't believe the loathsome, classless behaviour of the very brethren of mets-fandom i have chosen to let myself be associated with.

Remember, Rookies are rarely all-stars. Someone loses every game. The playoffs are a crap shoot. Luck is a big part of this game.


FeceMcGee said...

This is definitely a step in the right direction. When the current team is crap, we need to honor the old time Mets up the wazoo... I say bring back Fonzie to coach the infield.

And maybe during pre-game warm ups, he can put on a glove and show Castillo a thing or two at 2nd base... aaaand then maybe he could stay there for a little bit... and then OH HEY the game started??

Hazeleyes said...

It certainly made me smile to see Mookie back in business with the Mets.

Maybe he will be, once again, the Mets' lucky charm!

number15 said...

i wonder what kinda karma would result from a smoltz signing. would that work against the mets or the braves? i'm sure he'd have a solid year and then poop the bed the last game of the season.

FeceMcGee said...

interesting thoughts Thomas.

I would agree with that standpoint if we were the Yankees. But unfortunately for us Mets fans, there IS no next time.. in fact, I'm still waiting for our "next time" after Beltran's strikeout. The funny thing is, I had a feeling it was going to be this way for us after 2006. The Mets aren't the Yankees... we're not a given to make the playoffs every year. In fact, '99-'00 was the first (and only) time in our franchise history that we made the playoffs in back to back years. Meanwhile we get to watch the other team across town win 1 out of every 4 World Series.

I think I've earned the right to be bitter and I'll be darned if I don't use it

Anonymous said...

ok face. But i gotta say, while not ecstatic with the current management of the team, i still see some reason for optimism. Maybe just this one more year, but i'm giving them this year.

After 2006, we missed the playoffs in the final week in two straight seasons, disappointing yes, but still successful seasons. Last year was a lost year, i can't judge this team last year due to all the injuries.


FeceMcGee said...

that's "Fece" with an "e"... as in poop.. lol

I hear ya Thomas. I'm glad there are fans like you to keep the rest of us from jumping off the bridge.

It's just way easier on my health to be a pessimistic Met fan these days. My hopes can't get crushed if I don't have any. The last 3.5 years have made me brittle

Metstradamus said...

"Remember ... Someone loses every game."

Yeah, Aaron Heilman or Armando Benitez. Every game.

The Metmaster said...

Anonymous Thomas:

How dare you question the loyalty of Met fans and proclaim that we're perhaps not worthy of a championship? Are we supposed to be grateful that you've deigned yourself to be a Met fan, but you do so holding your nose as you mingle with the Met fan "untouchables"? What a pompous ass you are. Heilman? Benitez? LOSERS, pal! Do we have to draw pictures of how badly they sucked to convince you?! And don't dare lecture us about how to be good fans or to say we don't appreciate the game. Met fans are some of the most knowledgeable fans in sports. And yet we come back, year after year, enduring clueless ownership, moronic management, and a history of some of the worst deals ever made in baseball history. Let me leave you with this little chestnut from Branch Rickey, "Luck is the residue of opportunity and design". I'll be happy to fill you in who Branch Rickey was. But until then, why don't you shove those "successful" seasons where the sun don't shine, you idiot.


Loathsome and Classless

Dave Gross said...

It is in fact weird but after seeing Favre in purple, Damon in pinstripes, etc., is anything that shocking anymore? Welcome to sports in the 21st century. At least he was just cheering someone on....

thomas said...

pompous? Pompous? lol...the self-righteous blogger that calls professional athletes who've led their league in saves and won awards losers is calling me pompous? HAHA.

now, that being said, if i struck a nerve i am sorry. not here to attack you or your oppinions personally or to start a fight, simply expressing an oppinion.