Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes You Can

Already, the excuses:
Mets VP Tony Bernazard said if the Mets strike out through free agency or trade, they're prepared to potentially use Bobby Parnell or Eddie Kunz in the closing role.

"Why not? What's wrong with that?" Bernazard asked. "You can't sign one of those guys, what are you going to do - not play?"
In case you haven't noticed ... America voted for change.

First stop is your bullpen, Tony.

We want change in your bullpen ... or you and Omar go the way of every other old administration that's been voted out before they get another four years.


Rad said...

Who would you bring in to the bullpen? Theres not much out there besides Franky Rodriguez, and I think he's overrated. Nice post and analogy to the election.

Metstradamus said...


To answer your question is probably a post onto itself, but here are some possibilites:

Brian Fuentes
Joe Beimel
Juan Cruz
Will Ohman
Huston Street (trade)

Kunz and Parnell should definitely be part of the bullpen. But if one of them winds up being the closer to start the season, and if the bullpen looks the same or almost the same as last season, then Minaya/Bernazard will have perped an epic FAIL this winter.

Phanatic said...

Who are these guys! Aside from Fuentes and Street, you'd really have to know MLB rosters to have any idea who these guys are. Its slim pickings out there and I guess you have to do what you can. It will likely be Fuentes and he seems to be the best of the bunch aside from K-Rod (and they are not paying for both him and Wagner next year).

Had a few laughs reading about people trying to justify Javy Vazquez (a billion excuses from poor outfields to overuse over 3 starts)...although I guess he's worth an experiment if he comes on the cheap. He's a .500 starter throughout his career (I believe he is now in his mid thirties or approaching) and has proven he can't stand up in big games (see 2004 playoffs with the Yankees...Johnny Damon grand slam etc). Haven't Met fans had enough of that over the last three years? Invest in something higher quality. If he is your number 2 or 3 next year, you're in for trouble. You'd be better off re-signing Ollie Perez. How come no one is talking about that? He's younger and can pitch in big games if he can find the plate. If you lose out on CC and Burnett,(Peavy? via trade) as the best out there.....your best option may be under your nose. You've got Santana, Pelfrey, and Maine as 1,2,3 pretty good.....fill in 4/5. Priority bullpen and don't count them out of the Manny sweepstakes...Omar has been hanging around this guy for years.

Metstradamus said...


The Mets don't really need the high end guys unless you're talking about a number two starter. The Mets need durable lower-end rotation guys along with a brand spanking new bullpen filled with hard throwers, and guys who aren't the same guys as last season.

And Perez, I have a feeling, is going to price himself off the Mets. He's a very good pitcher, but for the price that Boras will ask, maybe not the best deal. I'd like to see him stay, but wouldn't be surprised if he went somewhere in Southern California as he has expressed desire to in the past.

Libs R Losers said...

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You socialists have ruined our once great nation. Think about that next time a free agent goes to a PATRIOTIC state like texas with no income tax, you tofu eating idiots.