Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reunion Decision

Assuming that the Mets can get rid of Luis Castillo, and Daniel Murphy makes the move to second base creating a hole in left field, is the reunion you see in the picture something you would want to see in Queens next year?

Richard Justice muses that Ty Wigginton has to go because of economic concerns, salary restraints, and George Bush. Wigginton hit 23 HR's and 58 RBI's (with a higher rate of RBI's to HR's while batting 6th or 7th, which he would with the Mets), and is death to left-handed pitching (.340 average, 1.055 OPS). But, his home/road splits are atrocious, and unless this Citi Field includes Crawford Boxes that are 250 feet away in left field, he'll most likely be exposed away from Houston.

So yea or nay on Wigginton? Is he supersub who can be instant offense against lefties, or is he the right handed Jeromy Burnitz? I'd answer that question, but hopped on caffeine at 4AM isn't the best time to ask me anything, lest I get accused of being cranky. So be dears and answer it for me.


Jimmy Scott said...

Nyet. We can do better in left than Ty Wigginton. I still think Castillo's not going to be moved and you'll see a Murphy/Tatis platoon until Murph wins it outright sometime in May.

Jack Flynn said...

I happen to like Wigginton, but he'll probably make $6 mill in arbitration and that might be too much for a guy without a clear-cut role. He is versatile enough to play five positions without embarrassing himself, but doesn't field any of those positions (except maybe third base) well enough to merit a fulltime job. He can't play second base regularly and is a left fielder only in the sense that he can actually stand between the center fielder and the foul line without getting lost.

On the Mets, he might be good for a start every two weeks at third base, and perhaps once a week at second base and first base and twice a week in the outfield. That's going to get him 100 starts max at various spots around the diamond. It's a lot of money, but he might still be good for .265/.325/.450 with 15-20 homers.

Unser said...

Last year, at the trade deadline, I was in the Yay camp. I thought he was the perfect pickup, and would not have costed much. He also as that, how you say, "grit" that we sorely need.

Now, I think I'm in the Nay camp. If we're picking up an OF, let's get someone who's an everyday player. We have role players ready in case of injury (Tatis, Chavez).

The bigger question for me is do we make an offer to Burrell?

And I'm not buying this "Castillo is our 2Bman next year". No way. If Murp can play the position, I say it's his. He may be the perfect two hole hitter. We need a no. 6 hitter, preferably right-handed.

Metstradamus said...

Unser, I said it before and I'll say it again: "Castillo is our second baseman" is a red herring. The Mets are going to try to trade him. If he comes back I have a feeling a group of angry fans will knock down Citi Field before they ever play a game there. Then we'll have to play our games in Dunn Tire park in Buffalo.

BiggieSmalls said...

6 mil is on the low side.

His Arbitration number will be about 8 or 9 mil and the Stros will put in 6.5-7 mil.

the guy made 4.7 last year and Houston is anticipating that to double. Way Way too much for the role he would play in Flushing.

Mets Tailgate said...

No on Wiggy. Obviously it would be great if Castillo would be traded, but what team in their right mind would take him? I'd rather have Castillo than Andruw Jones.

I'm also not sure what the "RBI to HR" stat means. RBI are a function of how a player performs when given RBI chances. If players in front of him get on base a lot, he'll have more chances for RBI. Just cause a guy has more RBI than another guy doesn't mean he's a better "run producer" or whatnot.

Metstradamus said...

Tailgate, let me clarify because I kinda made it up as I went along:

If I saw 23 HR's and 58 RBI, I would think that 58 RBI was low for a guy with 23 HR's. As a two hole batter, Wiggy had 7 HR's with only 15 RBI's, but at 6 or 7, he had 11 HR's and 31 RBI's, which to me is a mo' better ratio for a guy with that many HR's. So I was merely illustrating that at least a small part of the low RBI total was due to his place in the batting order.