Friday, November 14, 2008

Supermarket Sweep

Welcome to baseball's Black Friday.

Omar Minaya has his shopping cart in hand on this, the first day of free agency. And he claims that he will spend most of his time in the pitching aisle. Wonderful. In the current economy, he'll be sure to check price tags with due diligence. Hopefully, he'll pay closer attention to the expiration dates than anything (translated that means: stay away from Kerry Wood and his exploding arm, please?)

And stay away from the potato chips.


Ari Berkowitz said...

I think the Mets should get Trevor Hoffman so he can mentor Kunz, Parnell, Smith while they'll set him up. I think there is absolutely no need to blow open the checkbooks for relievers. The past few years the Mets have been drafting so many relievers in the early rounds because they knew Wags would be done after 2009 and now that he's done after 2008 is it that big of a difference???
What do you think?

Kevin said...

I wouldn't mind if they signed Wood to a minor league deal or invited him to ST, but as long as they do it AFTER they get a real closer, so they're not tempted to rely on him.

Bruce said...

I hope he carefully checks for damaged goods. Its not good enough to open the egg carton. The damage may not necessarily be visible. Also, he should make a stop in the alcohol aisle as well as the aisle that has antacids. Just to be ready.

Schneck said...

Jeez, how did that happen. I posted under my real name (Bruce). It's all over now. My secret identity is revealed.

To attempt to make this relevant, come on Omar, do something!!