Monday, November 10, 2008

Look Familiar?

You know, for a team that seemingly couldn't market their way out of a paper bag, the Mets certainly have a lot of ideas stolen from them. The Phillies stole "Ya Gotta Believe" all the way to the series. Now the Dallas Stars have taken hold of "Our Team, Our Time".

Yeah ... they can have that one. Considering the Stars are barely treading water right now in the Pacific Division, the slogan is doing as much for the Stars as it did for the Mets in the end.

You know what, take the song too. Please, take the song.


James Allen said...

Good luck to the Stars with that one. The Mets are on to bigger and better things, and in January will unveil their 2009 slogan: "The 2009 Mets: We Promise We Won't Fuck it Up This Time. No, Really."

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the large banners for the outside of the stadium have been ordered that say "SUCK OUR BALLS NEW YORK METS, NO REALLY, PUT 'EM IN YOUR MOUTH AND SUCK 'EM."

Strangely, I can't wait for next season. I know, I know, I'm out of my mind, but what else is new.

Anonymous said...

These are pretty simple slogans. I'm sure a few idiots can come up with the same idea.

As for the "Ya Gotta Believe" was Tug McGraw's saying, so I don't really care who uses it.

Runs With Scissors said...

For fleeting moment I thought about posting that video on my Facebook page but then thought, how in the world would I explain it to my wife?

Demitri said...

James, no banners have been ordered, but I think that slogan going to be on some t-shirts.

But then again, that might be too creative from a crowd that regularly wears T-shirts that say "Fuck the Mets".

Anonymous said...

Why can't the Mets be proactive and work out a trade with an outfielder who is actually young and hits right-handed? Do the Mets not have good prospects and cash to give to the Rockies for Matt Holliday or give to Marlins to get Josh Willingham? Why do I have a feeling Juan Gonzalez will get a non-roster invite this spring?

Uptick said...

Mets shouldn't have traded Tug McGraw, then his catch phrase could have stayed where it belonged!

How dare he say the same combination of words in the city the Mets gave him to!

Josh said...

You know, not living in NYC I'd never heard that song before. I think it made by brain shrivel. Let me check... yep. Shrivelin'.

Anonymous said...

geez, that song is terrible.