Monday, November 03, 2008

Dana Point Lists

Omar's to do list/Winter Meetings:
  • Closer
  • Set up man
  • Middle reliever
  • Second base
  • Left field
  • Catcher upgrade
Ruben Amaro's to do list/Winter Meetings:
  • Short sheet Omar's bed
  • Put Omar's hand in warm water while he sleeps
  • Leave card by Omar's bed that reads "We Hate You!"
  • Shaving cream on Omar's hand, tickle his nose
  • Ask Omar's opinion on how many carats my ring should get
  • Starting pitcher

Meanwhile, Leo Nunez attends a Marlins orientation:


MetFanMac said...


It's gonna be a looong winter, isn't it?

Unser said...

I just don't want to hear any talk from our guys. No "we're the team to beat" or "the Phillies' comments have given us extra incentive this year". Nothing.

I want to see these guys play right. Do your dances if you want, your specialized hand shakes, whatever. Play the f'ing game correctly . . . and hard.

We should co-opt Johan's contribution to the line-up card from his last game and put it on the CitiField facade as the team's slogan "It's time to be a MAN!"

Have you noticed that Johan statement has had a profound effect on me?

Anonymous said...

This website used to be enjoyable to read. I could come on here and read witty game wraps, and self depreciating humor. Now all I read is "Phillies Phillies Phillies". Sorry Metstra, but when you pointed out how obsessed the Phillies were obsessed with the Mets, did you realize how obsessed you are with the Phillies? :/

As for your to-do list...looks great. Hopefully Omar is on it RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...


Do us a favor....don't pick the Mets over the Phillies to win the division for the third straight year in 2009. It's not the kind of hat trick we want. Although I have to give you props that you picked the Phils for the NLCS in 2008....although you had them playing the Mets!!!