Sunday, October 05, 2008

There's Only One October In Hell Too

You do realize of course that participating in this season's World Series will be one of the following options:

  • The Phillies
  • Guillermo Mota
  • Jeff Kent
That's like a choice between being doused in battery acid, drinking a full bottle of Drano, or driving cross-country with Jerome from Manhattan riding shotgun.

Gee, all we need is for their opponent in Game 1 to be Scott Kazmir for it to officially be the World Series from Hell.

I'll tell you one person that the World Series most likely will not include, and that's Frankie Rodriguez ... who, after getting battered in Game 2 of the ALDS, is looking more and more like he'll fit right in here in Flushing.

"It wasn't dirty," he said, initially unwilling to discuss the play. "If that was the case, I would've just bowled him over ..." -Shane Victorino after Game 3 vs. the Brewers
Yeah, this was much better than bowling him over.


Unser said...

ABP - Anyone But the Phillies.

3 games, 3 losses, no hitting. I guess Francesca will be advocating breaking up the Cubs' core. Bye bye Lee, Ramirez and Soriano. I guess they're not clutch.

How many ex-Mets are in this thing? Here's my tally: Cameron, Mota, Kent, Kazmir, Wheeler, Bradford, Floyd, Dotel.

upstate met fan said...

I watched Kazmir pitch on his first postseason game... then I saw Uncle Cliffie have a grand time. I said to my self that if I saw another former met I would freaking punch myself... whatayaknow.. Bradford comes in to close it!!! f^&%#&!

Anonymous said...

Unser, I'd like to second your ABP sentiment.

I’m sitting here watching the Phillies dismantle Jeff Suppan (you remember him, don't ya?). For some reason Suppan decided to come up and in to Pat Burrell, when the Bat was set up for a breaking pitch outside. Burrell crushed it. Werth followed with a tape measure shot.

The Brewers ain’t comin’ back. It's just *another* painful Sunday for us Mets fans. The Phillies have officially replaced the Yankees as the team in this world I hate the most.

MetFanMac said...

To Unser-

You got all but Paul Byrd, Darren Olivcer and Gary Matthews, Jr. (plus 6 managers/coaches).

Anonymous said...

i want dodgers vs.bosox for the world series that being said only a few of the mets in the post season were really an asset to us(at least in my opinion) but if the dodgers lose to the phils ill go crazy something about la just makes me feel like they will win. it all, but that being said i think bradford is the one i really wanted back the most(excluding kazmir because i like to leave those bad memories in the past)

choo choo said...

Here's my exMet playoff coach count:

Angels-Orlando Mercado
Brewers-Mike Maddux, Joe Crawford
Dodgers-Joe Torre, Larry Bowa
Rays-Tim Bogar, Steve Henderson, Don Zimmer
Red Sox-Dave Magadan

MetFanMac said...

Zimmer's not exactly a coach. Bowa, unaccountably, is left off's list. (Good catch!)