Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some Choice

You know, between Sarah Palin dropping a puck at a Flyers game, and Barack Obama jumping on the Phillies bandwagon for the duration of the playoffs, I may just have to avoid this election all together and move to Canada.

It's really gotten bad here in the Met kingdom. This was an actual conversation between two Met fans today:

"If the Phillies make the World Series, I'm beating the crap out of you."

"If the Phillies make the World Series, I'll let you beat the crap out of me.
Future leaders embracing baseball enemies? Met fans beating each other up to dull the pain? Carlos Beltran to the Yankees rumors? You know, Canada's looking better and better these days.

"The Musings and Prophecies of Alouettestradamus?"


G-Fafif said...

And John Lindsay actually cared about the '69 Mets.

The Metmaster said...

In case you missed it, the demolition of Shea began yesterday. Anything worth selling has been removed. They are beginning to bust up the joint.

weesle909 said...

Anyone else watching this series and thinking, "Holy shit, the Dodgers suck and the Mets could have kicked their ass if they only could have gotten out of their own way"?

Really, the Dodgers are weak...

Oh, and did you hear that after Victorino put his arm up when rounding the bases after a slam (the horror!), someone put a picure of that on his locker with the heading "J. Reyes"?

Guess when you live in Philly, since it's New York's bitch, you obsess about the Mets and just can't stop thinking about them.

weesle909 said...

Oh, btw, are they selling anything other than seats? If so, where can I find out more?

Hard to justify that kind of discretionary expenditure in these economic times. I mean, 900 bucks for 2 seats? Shit, that's almost as much as Citi Field seats cost!

What? You don't get to keep the Citi Field seats?!


I was thinking a disinfecting urinal cake might be more affordable...

Statler said...

Beatings ahoy!