Friday, October 17, 2008

Hope Jim Duquette Had A Good Seat

Six innings. Two hits. Three walks. No runs. Game 5 of the ALCS. Craig Sager can't even keep a straight face when asking Chuck Lamar about the engineering the trade with the Mets. But hey, Scott's bullpen blew the game so in some ways, it's like he never left, right?

It's all right though. I'm sure Victor Zambrano did something equally productive baseball-wise today. He traded a Scott Kazmir rookie card for a '67 Corvette. I'll give you one guess as to who was on the other end of that trade.

At least nobody plays baseball tomorrow so there's no chance of something else torturing me ... unless of course Aaron Heilman and Yadier Molina decide to appear at a charity softball game and a ball just happens to bust through my window.


Anonymous said...

Jim Duquette? Isn't he with Salman Rushdie?

Andrew Vazzano said...

Kazmir is an honorary Met.

kennyd said...

As I see it though, Scott Kazmir is a six inning pitcher (albeit one that can be dominant for those 6 innings) which means our bullpen would still be blowing games for strong starting pitching causing me to continue pulling my hair out.

And did Dan Wheeler think he was still in a Met uniform or was he auditioning to be our closer next season?