Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where Can You Find Me?

You know that place where there's never a sunny day?

I am
so there.

I'll be there all winter.


Sassdawg. said...


I am going to go out to the range on Sunday, want to come dump a couple of clips?

MetFanMac said...



Unser said...


Double ugh.

Maybe the move to Citi Field is exactly what we need. You know, the dismantling of Shea could exorcize some demons . . .

I don't want to see any Mets Classics from the past three years on SNY this winter. Please . . . just show some goodies from '69 and '86. I'd even take some clunkers from the late '70s. Just don't show me any of our current players. I need a 5 month hiatus.

James Allen said...

If you can't beat 'em join 'em. I'll just get out my Mike Schmidt mustache grooming kit, my Greg Luzinski glasses, and I'll sew me some powder blue PJ's with the big red "P" logo on it (I'm seriously dating myself here.)

Then, to make sure it takes, I'll rub a Phillie Phanatic doll all over my body (and I mean all over) while listening to a loop of Harry Kalas reading the phone book. After that, I'll let Brett Myers hit me (and I'll enjoy it.)

Then I'll throw food at little children.

Wow. That's much easier than I thought it would be! I want to have Chase Utley's baby! Go Phils!!

Anonymous said...

I am officially sick....this is absolutely is bad enough that the Phillies won, but now Shane Victorino has a freaking ring...I hate the Phillies....I hate Philadelphia and I hate Danny DeVito

Demitri said...

yeah, I have to effing LIVE down here though. I'm not going to know who won the election or if it's raining because I'm shutting out all Philly media. I turned on the tv this AM and the weatherman was wearing a damn Phillies jersey.

Goddamn parade is tomorrow. I'm going to treat this like I treat a migraine. I'm going to stay in a dark quiet room and stay medicated at least until Sunday when everyone will suddenly remember the Eagles.