Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Programming Note

With Rays/White Sox Game 3 spilling over the start of Game 3 in the Angels/Red Sox series Sunday night, TBS had to run the start of the Angels game on their spillover option: TNT. The start of that game interrupted the pivotal scene of the movie Titanic.

People who were having an emotional moment with the sinking ship were outraged.

My question is this: If TNT had interrupted Titanic with a regular season Mets game, would anyone have known the difference?


Jeterboy said...

Speaking of sinking about new york baseball this decade. Metstra - did you piss off the baseball gods? Think about it since 2000 (and I know you remember that):
2001: Yankees blow dramatic post 9-11 World Series to the D-Backs
2003: After a dramatic win over the Sox, the Yankees lose to the upstart Marlins
2004: Yankees choke in historic loss to the Sox

Mets turn:
2006: Yadier
2007: Historic choke
2008: Another collapse against two teams

Its been rough times around here for all involved. Although the Yanks did win some divisions and pennants during the decade.

I bet Torre, Bowa, and Mattingly are having a good laugh on New York with their success in L.A. right now.

You know Willie enjoyed the Mets' collapse thoroughly.

Metstradamus said...

"You know Willie enjoyed the Mets' collapse thoroughly."

He shouldn't ... he was as much a part of it as anybody else.

The Metmaster said...

I agree. They should have been playing "Nearer My God To Thee" at Shea in the 9th inning last week. Like the creepy owner of the White Star Line, Minaya seems to have found a lifeboat. He made Manuel splash around in the frigid Atlantic for a day or two before pulling him in. The Mets bullpen could be the dudes with the fiddles and clarinets though. We know how they all fared.

Ceetar said...

I'm not so much sure he 'enjoyed it' but I'm sure he was thinking, "I would've gotten us there." He might not be wrong either. You never know in baseball. It's why firings are rarely regretted.

Anonymous said...

Why do I have this craving to beat the crap out of Shane Victorino....I feel like I need to kick his ass...
Metstra...let's forget about the Mets and relish in the fact the Rangers got four points this weekend....

Unser said...

Willie's got no one to blame but himself. Sorry. He handled everything poorly this year, including relationships with players, the media, ownership and the fans. Nice guy, but not cut out for managing in New York.

And add two more to the list of ex-Mets in the post-season: hitting coaches Steve Henderson and Dave Magadan.

Demitri said...

The guy that designed the Titanic went down with the ship, as I remember the movie correctly, which is a stretch, because I refuse to put myself through watching it again.

The same can't be said of Omar.

I think Metstradamus is on to something. The movie (not the actual ship) may be the perfect metaphor for this season. Long and arduous (the film is over 3 hrs) and prolongs an uneasy feeling until a tragic ending we all know was coming from the moment we sat in our seats.

fredstradamus said...

I think it's only fitting too that they cut to a Red Sox game ... the very first Opening Day of Fenway Park was the very same date the Titanic sank.

And Jeterboy, face it ... Willie, like Samuel, had to coach just TWO MORE wins. With Randolph one game under .500 (34-35) and Snoop Manuel @ 55-38, I think it was an easier task for Willie to come up with those wins, thank you.

Jeterboy said...

True. Its pure conjecture whether Willie would have gotten the wins at the end of the year that the Mets needed. As someone posted, we'll never know and the firing will likely not be regretted. However, despite Manuel's record this year from once he took over, he and Willie have one thing in common...they couldn't get their team to win during the last week when they needed it the most. Both have September collapses on their record.