Friday, October 24, 2008

Razor Shines

Because Pete Moss took a better offer somewhere else.


MetFanMac said...

*blink blink*

This is a real name?

James Allen said...

Close, it's part of his real name. Anthony Razor Shines. And if I were a ballplayer I sure as hell would go with Razor over Tony.

James Allen said...

By the way, these WS umps blow. Longoria pretty much had his glove up Rollins' ass and he wasn't called out. Maybe he should've had the ump smell the glove.

Metstradamus said...

To be fair, the umps have been horrible to both sides. The Phils got away with a balk during Game 1, and the Rays got away with two bad calls during Game 2.

James Allen said...

Quite true. I didn't mean to imply that the Phillies are getting all the calls. They aren't going to need them anyway.

Well, the Phils are one game away from being able to shove a World Series ring in the Mets faces (as they should.) Suck on that, Fred and Jeff.

Evan Longoria looks completely lost. He's going to get it pretty hard when this is over, hopefully someone will remind him that better players than him have also have a sucky world series to their credit.

Joe Buck is a tool.

Tim McCarver is- well, Tim McCarver. As I type this he's still explaining a ground out from the 5th inning.

Coming soon, my next Behind the Blow entry:

Trot Nixon: Behind the Blow

schneck said...

I really hate the Phillies and think that if they end up winning the World Series it is a clear sign that baseball has run its natural course in our country and it is time to cut our losses and stop now. Maybe it is time to try American Cricket.

demiitri said...

Wait a minute, are there baseball games being played right now?

{trying to hide the bitterness}