Sunday, December 02, 2007

Strength Of Schedule

The Mets will open spring training on February 26th against the University of Michigan.

The club hopes that this scheduling, along with losses by Missouri and West Virginia, will make them BCS eligible in 2008.

Appalachian State was not available for comment.


Demitri said...

Problem is that WV and Missouri are playing the Marlins and Nationals, who never seem to be able to help the Mets in any way.

Are the winter meetings over yet? I want to stop reading about sports until March.

katherine said...

Really demitri?

You want to read about happier stuff, like politics and world affairs?

I did look at the schedule for the start of the season, and instead of my usual pleasant anticipation, I felt a sense of dread. I actually wish the off season would last longer this year.

katherine said...

Bad things that are going to happen in March:

We will be humiliated by the nats, marlins, phillies, etc

Mets fans will boo everyone, especially Carlos D

this will cause Carlos B to go into a funk

Johnny Estrada will get into a fight with Willie Randolph

Livan Hernandez will have an ERA of 9

Lastings, Paul L, and Tom Glavine will all perform marvelously for their new teams, especially when they play us.

Matt B. said...

don't say that...

Matt B. said...

i do have a bad feeling about being embarrassed by michigan though, a la when the Colorado Silver Bullets beat us in the mid-90s.

Demitri said...

katherine –

I'm down to reading "Opus" and doing the crossword puzzle. I used to read the real estate section, but thats too depressing too.