Monday, December 03, 2007

Highway To Hell

Now I don't want to think the worst of people, but this passage from Ken Rosenthal has me a little concerned.
Mets general manager Omar Minaya always takes a high-energy approach, but it would be understandable if he was even more motivated this off-season.

The pressure on him is growing. Minaya, signed through 2009, has been thwarted in his attempts to land a contract extension, according to major league sources.

His job, in the wake of the Mets' late-season collapse, is less secure than it was a year ago, when the team was coming off an appearance in the NL Championship Series.

His recent trade of outfielder Lastings Milledge, 22, for catcher Brian Schneider, 31, and outfielder Ryan Church, 29, reflected the Mets' desire to satisfy short-term goals.
For all those that said that you would have rather kept Lastings Milledge if his stock was indeed as low as insiders tell us it was (and I'm in that camp), you may have your answer as to why Minaya decided to get what he can keep the wolves away from his door. But come on, you'd have to be a real cynic to think that Omar would put his own interests in front of the team's interests, wouldn't you?

(Editor's note: I am a cynic.)

Naah, Omar hasn't put his interests ahead of the team's interests...not at all. But at this point, his own interests and the team's interests may be riding side by side on a cross-country trip to hell. Or at least to Nashville.

We'll know a hell of a lot more at the end of the week, won't we? Here's my quick preview of the winter meetings:

Erik Bedard=good.
Dan Haren=good.
Bartolo Colon or Livan Hernandez=I stick my head in the oven.


fredstradamus said...

Not for anything, but shouldn't Omar be less secure after the September collapse. I certainly think so ... but to suggest he's putting his own needs ahead of the team seems a little simplistic. And hasty. I mean, the writer said "the Mets' interests ... " not Omar.

Educate me: aren't there any checks and balances in place that would block such a self-serving move?

If they're not, I ask you: haven't they learned anything from Steve Phillips?

Moreover, why am I rooting for the Patriots right now? Oh yeah, that a-hole Lamonica. God, I hate the Dolphins ... even the ones who played when I was ten.

Metstradamus said...

I'm a simple man.

Anonymous said...

This Milledge trade is a victory for middle-aged, angry white media across the Tri-State area.