Friday, December 07, 2007

Whoop De Do

For those hoping that there would be howls of fury from Colorado for losing Steven Register to the Mets in the Rule V draft, similar to the howls of fury originating from the Nationals heist of Jesus Flores in last year's Rule V draft, and that this year the Mets would be the fleecers and not the fleece-ees, here's the take on Register from "Up In The Rockies":

"The other news of the day is that the Mets picked up Tulsa Drillers closer Steven Register in the Rule 5 draft. Whoop-de-doo. Register had potential, but he wasn't the Rockies’ top prospect by any stretch. Evidently the Rockies weren't planning to use him in 2008, so we’ll see if he can stick with the Mets."
Okay then, there go those hopes. So the winter meetings bore the fruit of a guy who inspires the mantra of "Whoop de do." Great.

So this is our winter meetings haul: Steven Register...who's not Johan Santana.

But on the bright side, he's not Guillermo Mota either.


There is a report that Andy Freed will come to the Mets from the Devil Rays to replace Tom McCarthy as Mets radio announcer. This, as you know, would complete the Scott Kazmir trade.


Unser said...

Andy Freed . . . wasn't he the Beatles session drummer for the single version of "Love Me Do"?

Never really warmed up to McCarthy. His homer run calls seemed contradictory ("There's a high fly ball . . . pretty deep . . . Jones going back . . .to the track . . to the wall . . . . .NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS ONE! ITS GONE!).

zach said...

McCarthy was indeed awful -- as u point out, no correspondence between the importance of a play and the tone of his voice... easier just to follow games on the internet or my phone