Friday, December 14, 2007

Good Day Sunshine

"I have started to notice a pretty distinctive pattern in this world. If you are negative, it will breed more negativity around you, and then that negativity comes back. It bounces back at you eventually, over time, and you are the one who is effected. The same is also true with being positive by the way. If you try to remain positive in your life, and work, it comes back to you. It’s pretty simple. Negative people hang with negative people. Positive people, hang with positivity. And negative people more often than not, tend to be counterproductive." -Tom Green
In this space would normally be more whining about how the Mets are once again losing their chances of grabbing an ace, with Dan Haren going to the Diamondbacks. (Six prospects? How do you kids say it ... OMG? WTF?)

But it's come to my attention that I've been too negative. A buzzkill. A Negative Nancy, if you will. With this in mind, I'm going to be positive. Here's what's right in the Mets' world:

  • The Mets still have David Wright, last I checked.
  • No player has been involved in a late night accident in a taxi cab in the last year.
  • Raul Casanova is not only a Met, but he's younger than Sandy Alomar Jr.
  • Lastings Milledge has zero career walk-off hits against the Mets.
  • Citi Field is ahead of schedule, and will have a Fish Shack in 2010.
  • Ryan Church hasn't released a rap album.
  • Guillermo Mota is no longer employed in Flushing.
  • Scott Kazmir hasn't pitched a no-hitter yet.
  • Jose Reyes is still pretty fast.
  • There's no truth to the rumor that John Maine left the team holiday party rubbing his shoulder muttering "boy, that feels weird."
  • Steven Register has not shown up on the Mitchell Report.
See, the sun shines.


Speaking of the Mitchell Report: Now that it has come out, and it's two guys known the world over as Yankees that are taking the brunt of the bad press, isn't it about time for Wallace Matthews to write something for the express purpose of riling up the Mets fans? I can read it now:
Yeah, Mets fans. Laugh it up. Laugh it up now that your greatest enemy has been fingered in the Mitchell Report as the biggest name mentioned. But just remember: A Mets clubhouse guy started all this. And my sources tell me that he invented steroids. That's right Met fans, a Met invented Deca-Durabolin, among other performance enhancers. Don't blame the gritty, gutty Roger Clemens for taking steroids during the season where his team beat you. Blame your team for not beating the all-mighty Yankees who, despite a payroll of a billion dollars, still scrap for everything they get. While your team is a bunch of steroid inventing monsters. It just means the Yankees were smart enough to take steroids and get that gritty, gutty edge that they need, because that's what champions do. If Mike Piazza was on the juice, maybe he would have been quick enough to have gotten out of the way of that beanball. Now it's time for all you Met fans to accept Andy Pettitte as your savior and repent once and for all.

Have I beaten Newsday's all-time record for angry comments yet?
(Editor's note: Here's what Wally actually wrote).


Mike Stanton, according to the report, bought HGH in 2003 while he was with the Mets ... and still went 2-7. He probably sprinkled the HGH on his cupcakes thinking they were chocolate chips.

Maybe Mike Stanton owes Met fans an apology?


fredstradamus said...

You may be a nattering nabob of negativity but I still love you, brother! AAaaaand, you crashed through a half-million hits!

Although you probably see it as a million cups half empty, I think I join many when I say, "Congrats"!

Nice job!

(psst: Greg's selling those numbers shirts again!)

Charity said...

Just so you know, I'm still shedding tears over Paul Lo Duca (notice I don't use my normal affectionate "Paulie") Seriously I was crying. After all the crap I took for having him as a favorite player it turns around and bites me in the ass. Well thats what you get when you base your picks on who is the cutest :-p

Actually this is no laughing matter. I feel so betrayed (I love that word) by him. I think he owes me a beer...or two...or ten.

Demitri said...

he betrayed his wife. he betrayed his fans. shoulda seen it coming.

Metstradamus said...

My hit counter is listed on the Mitchell Report.

katherine said...

Charity - Paul probably doesn't feel he cheated the fans by using steroids. I bet he would say he did it for us! I think he desperately wanted to be a major leaguer and felt he wouldn't make it without them. He stopped using at least once after he came up, he wanted to get off of them, and only resumed after he was traded and needed a really good year. It's all terribly tragic, I feel terrible for him, but I don't exactly feel betrayed, more like - sad, sad, sad.

On a happier note - Congratulations, Metstradamus!

And I read an article once which suggested that pessimistic people are actually happier than optimistic people, becuase they are disappointed less often.

Charity said...

Sad is another good work for it. I don't know though its like after all the campaiging I did with my friends about why we should keep Lo Duca this year and even last year when I said and I'm pretty sure Mestra and Fredsta remember this "All I want to do is see Lo Duca hit a homer" when we were at a game...(Granted he hit two three runners in that game!) I just feel like I was cheering for someone who was lying to my face. I don't approve of cheaters. Period. And yes I did scratch that Paul Lo Duca shirt/jersey off my Christmas list. Call me a jerk but I can't wear that with pride anymore.

However! Congrats Mestra! Are you coming down for the Cincinnati Games again next year?

katherine said...

Speaking of betrayal: If I were highly religious, and I was a Yankee fan, and I really admired Andy Pettitte, I would be on tenterhooks right now to see what he would do. He has to choose between openly lying and defaming McNamee, or betraying Clemens who has gone out on a Barry Bonds-like limb, determined to lie til the end. It's been a long time since Sunday School for me, so I actually had to google the ten commandments to see how it might apply in this situation.

Nothing about lying, surprisingly, or cheating. Let's see, coveting your neighbor's wife, slave, ox or donkey?, no, no... How could lying not be in the ten commandments?

Here is the only relevant thing: thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. So if Pettite falsely claims not to have used steroids he will be bearing false witness against McNamee by in essence accusing him of lying

For any of you who are religious, I am actually totally in earnest here, fascinated by the moral dilemna.

Anonymous said...

It has been two days since the release of the Mitchell Report and my feelings now are the same as it was when it came out...NOT SURPRISED. I was 12 when the Mets won the World Series in 1986 and remember the shorty names Lenny Dykstra and was amazed at how he played the game. Then I remember in 1988 and he looked bigger than Gary Carter and I was like, "wow, this guy beefed up!" Seeing him play for the Phillies in 1993 when he was one of the heart and soul players on that team was sad, but I can never forget wondering how he was hitting home runs with so much authority. Then it hit me, STEROIDS. I was employed by both the Mets and the Evil Empire as a beer vendor in 1994 when they went on strike. They did not care about me and that is when I realized that it is all a business. They need to perform so teams can sell out the ballpark. When they perform, they get paid. They decided that it was more about the $$$ then it was about a kids' game. That is when I said, "F**k it!." I am still a die-hard Mets fan in SoCal, but my realtionship to the team is based on the jersey. Players come and go, just like Fantasy baseball. Did the names like F.P. Santangelo surprise me? Or did Mike Lansing's name? Probably, but when you have a 1984 Olympic Rookie Card of a fresh-faced, skinny red-head out of USC named Mark McGwire and then you see what he did in 1998, you realize that it is all about the $$$ and the fame (the Hall of Fame, that is.) Or looking at a 1986 rookie card of Barry Bonds and now seeing him with a size 15 head. Steroids have been in the game for years and the sad part is that has the scientists and chemists get more advanced, the harder it will be to trace it. Though it was wrong what McGwire did in taking Andro or Creatine, I have also said that at the time he was taking it, it was LEGAL in baseball. I do not think it is a sad time in baseball; it is a good time because hopefully MLB and the players association can find a way to be 2 steps ahead of the lab so we never have to deal with this crap again....
Haren for 6 prospects? We didn't have 6 prospects to give?
Congrats, Metstra on the half-million hits...


upstate met fan said...

So I've been away for a little bit. I find that Clemens is the devil and LoDuca is a fraud. I find that I was wrong about Omar.. thank you for not re-signing this guy. He's the worst, especially after listening to his interview with WFAN. He's a FRAUD!

Now, if we can get a Pitcher.. we'll be in good shape. Hey Mark Prior is out there. Make your move OM

katherine said...

What did he say in the interview??

upstate met fan said...

The interview was done a day before the report came out. He was asked if he was going to be surprised by any of the names on the report. He that this stuff happened 7 years ago and everyone should move on... Hmmm Surprising.

Take a lesson from Pettitte, Paul!

katherine said...

Ohhh, the dumbness of that just makes me want to cry...
Paul - you were a customer of Radomski, you must have known you would be in the report. What were you THINKING to give an interview about the report a few days before?