Friday, October 26, 2007

They Sure Showed Me

What do I get for challenging Karma?

My computer gets zapped.

Karma truly is a bitch.

I've spent my time away from this blog productively. I looked under various rocks to see where the Mets organization might be hiding. I tried to crack nuclear physics. I held Kenny Lofton at third base in Boston. You know, fun stuff.

What I learned, among other things, is that 2008 might not be that much easier than 2007 was. Consider this recent development:

National crosschecker Chuck LaMar left the Nationals to become director of professional scouting with the Phillies on Thursday. LaMar will also work with director of Major League scouting Gordon Lakey and provide input on trades
for Phillies general manager Pat Gillick.

According to baseball sources, LaMar left Washington to take a better position and because of some philosophical differences with some members of the Nationals organization. LaMar, who was not available for comment, joined the Nationals last November.

LaMar is best remembered for being the general manager of the Devil Rays for 11 seasons.

No, Chuck LaMar is best remembered for ripping off a clueless organization of a top prospect.

Great, Chuck LaMar with the damn Phillies. Speaking of which, Jim Duquette is currently without a job. Maybe he can join the Phillies too so he and LaMar can take long scouting trips together in the middle of Wyoming while laughing their heads off at the Mets. Oh, I can picture it now...Lamar and Duquette practicing trades with each other:

"Ok Jim, I'll give you Pat Burrell, Tom Gordon, and a ham sandwich for Cole Hamels..."


"No Jim, no. Let's try it again. I'll give you Wes Helms for..."


"Jim, you're supposed to wait until I finished."

"Deal! Deal! Deal! Wait, I don't have to ask anyone's permission, right?"

Yes, they can talk about the old times, while resuming their tradition of driving back and forth over the Canadian border where the mounties repeatedly ask them if they have any firearms in the car.

Duquette always says yes to that one...but bless his heart he's working on it.


Demitri said...

Damn- Has Metstradamus' blogger template turned a couple shades darker?

Its either that or my MFD affliction is rearing its ugly head again.

katherine said...

Metstradamus, I am glad you're back - is that really your computer in the picture? And even if your essay "All in" did tempt fate, it's still a masterpiece and it was worth it!! That is the only thing that got me through the final terrible weekend.

I would like to know what is a "crosschecker". It sounds like bad news for the Mets whatever it is. Maybe someone on OUR team should do some trashtalking in spring training and say "We're the team to beat".
Anyway, for my own mental health this year, I will not blindly hold on to the assumption that Omar is perfect and a genius and that somehow his wisdom will all be revealed in the end, you know?

Lastly, Demitri, while zen-like detachment and dark blogger templates are not considered typical symptoms, your paranoid obsession with the Phillies' acquiring Schilling certainly is. And I do agree about the Rockies: the only satisfaction I'll get from the Red Sox winning will be the discomfiture of the Religious Right.

Unser said...

Just curious - have Mets' organization left for Las Vegas or something? I haven't seen a Mets' related story in the news since a day or two after "the disaster".

katherine said...

I agree that the total lack of Mets-related items is bizarre, not that I'm complaining. For anyone living in fear of reading something upsetting (i.e. anything at all) about the Mets in the last 3 weeks, the Times sports section has been a perfectly safe place on a consistent basis.

Maybe the organization has arranged a mass entry into the Federal Witness Protection Program. Softball teams in little towns all over the country are all of a sudden going to have some serious ringers, wearing fake mustaches and dark glasses.

Demitri said...

Say it ain't so katherine. As long as none of them separate their shoulder on cab rides on the ride to Pizza Hut after the game.

I feel like I can finally deal with news coverage of the collapse. I downloaded all the Mets related stories from Mike and the Mad Dog off iTunes yesterday that I plan on listening to during my crap commute through he heart of Philadelphia.

Or maybe I'm a masochist.

Anonymous said...

you're pissed off that the phillies got a new director of scouting? some people will just bitch about anything.

oh, and a crosschecker reads scouting reports from field scouts.

Rickey Henderson said...

If he were you, Rickey would be much more concerned about the fact that the Phillies need a third baseman....

Demitri said...

So true Rickey.

Something else to worry about...

katherine said...

General notice to Mets fans, a propos of nothing: I saw an amazing movie called Chop Shop, which is the story of a preteen homeless boy living in the shadow of Shea Stadium in Willets Point. It is nota baseball movie - but the dire ups and downs of this boy's life as he manages to support himself and his big sister are occasionally contrasted with dreamy scenes of Shea looming above, all lit up, full of screaming fans - very poignant and strange to see the stadium from this perspective.