Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get Your Free 2008 Stuff

First off, I want to congratulate Dave Magadan and the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Championship, their second in four seasons. The Sox were the best team all season, and certainly had this coming to them. Congrats, boys!

By now, you probably are aware of what this title means...it means that because of a promotion by Jordan's furniture, Sox fans who bought their furniture during a two week stretch in April now have that furniture for free thanks to Boston's world championship.

To that end, the New York Mets are being creative for some of their promotions next season:
  • Pokerstars.net is offering a promotion where you can play all you want in the month of April. If the Mets hire Rickey Henderson or Bobby Bonilla as coaches, all your losses during the month are covered.
  • Along the same lines, Nathan's has a promotion where if Henderson, the world's biggest hot dog, returns to active duty with the Mets and steals a base, everyone in America will get a free hot dog! (But only if you go to Nathan's between 4 and 5 AM on December 25th, 2008.
  • The courthouse in Kew Gardens is running an interesting promotion: If Willie Randolph is ejected from a game in 2008, your pending court cases in October will be, you guessed it, thrown out!
  • Hey, seniors! Your AARP dues for 2008 will be waived if the Mets bring back Julio Franco (as a player, or a coach.)
  • And finally, if the Mets choke away a bigger lead in '08 than they did in '07, just visit your neighborhood Kentucky Fried Chicken and get all the free chicken you can eat during the month of October (boneless, for your protection.)

So you see, with all the time off they've had this past month, the Mets have spent that time wisely to come up with some exciting promotions to enhance your enjoyment of the upcoming season. I for one can't wait.


fredstradamus said...

Dude, my partner in New Hampshire got her couch for free! She was filling out her rebate form while I spoke to her yesterday! Apparently, about 38,000 people got free swag this way!

Good to see you back, bro!

Metstradamus said...

Thank you. And what are you doing awake at 3 in the morning?

Anonymous said...

Now that the Red Sox have won WITHOUT a former Met on its players roster, will that mean that the Mets will win the WS next year?

fatherdamus said...

A certain little boy decided it was time to have another bottle of formula!

katherine said...

Anonymous: Yes, it is now scientifically a fact that the Mets will win it all next year.

katherine said...

trust me, I'm a doctor.

BleedingOrangeAndBlue said...

MD, you forgot this years promotion, free hair removal from the top of your head (self-service only)

how about an analysis as only you can give us on the A-rod free agency. SI did a little breakdown, and has us among contenders. Doesn't seem likely but not impossible. I'm conflicted myself. It's hard to question his production, but is way expensive. He has a history of choking in the playoffs, but Peyton Manning got over that eventually...

Demitri said...

Ok, the 1985 Royals were the last WS Champion to not have a Met on their roster. This, of course, led to the 1986 Mets winning the series. We must work with all due haste to find as many parallels between the 1985 Royals and 2008 Mets.

Come on people, I know we can do this.

bleedingorangeandblue said...

so I was thinking about the A-Rod situation and I came up with the proposal (which I found out was also proposed in Newsday - sorry I live in VA) to sign A-Rod, then offer Reyes for Santana if he could agree to an extension. sounds like a winner offer to me

katherine said...

A Rod - with his purple lips, puffy white gloves, stripper clubs, wife's vulgar t shirts, - GROSS!!!!
I was hard on Jose for the new highlights in his hair- I take it back. Anything but A Rod.