Tuesday, October 16, 2007

At Least There's Someone Who Can't Wait Until Next Year...

Your 21st century blogger is in the process of acquiring a 22nd century computer (the 21st century computer needs to be retired to "Safe Mode Stud"), so forgive me if you don't hear from me for a little while. Hopefully, I will make a grand return to blogging sometime in the middle of the World Series. Until then, and because there's been enough heartache in our lives, here's a reminder that it's all about the children:

As you can plainly see, she's more ready for 2008 than me. Zoe's got all the speed of her numbersake: Jose Reyes...without a pesky slump to hamper her. (Trust me on the speed part. She can be impossible to catch when she wants to be...or when she's not bored like Carlos Delgado.)


Ian said...

My cat also had the perfect response to "it"--he spent some time in the litterbox, puked up a hairball, and is now as good as new. We should all be more catlike in our fanhood.

gbaked said...

do yourself a favor and buy a mac

Demitri said...

I'll second the Mac suggestion.

I also have a cat named Zoe but she's slower and heavier - think 2002 Mo Vaughn..

Anonymous said...

Okay guys. My cat, Flora, said why not have Joe Torre and Willie Randolph just trade places back to their original teams? Let's mix it up for 2008 and see what happens. Meow...Miss Kitty, survivor of much 1970's taunting by mean Yankee fans..

katherine said...

my cat, Lance, had a very poor reaction to the end of the 2006 season. He just couldn't hack it, and a few weeks later (during the Japan All Star series) he secretly crept under a bed in the house and had a heart attack and died, only to be discovered, olfactorily, 3 days later. At least he was spared the pain of the 2007 season.

Demitri said...

RIP Lance. I felt like crawling under a bed myself on September 30th.

This past season has made me glad that my cats are blissfully unaware of baseball– as well as war, poverty, global warming, taxes, AIDS, tsunamis and huricanes.

If only I could be as fortunate.

katherine said...

demitri, all the world problems you list - it seems like there is at least a LITTLE something a person can do to make them better, like, vote, or drive a prius, or whatever. But we are completely powerless to help the Mets.

They do worse at Shea when the fans are there to cheer them.

They don't listen to the advice on these blogs.

Superstitious game-watching rituals completely failed to alter the dismal end of the season.

That is a bad feeling, to care so much about something you have absolutely no control over.

Demitri said...

katherine -

I agree wholeheartedly. I blamed myself for years after the end of the 1998 season. I washed my 1986 era mets hat when they had a 1 game lead (wild card) with 7 to play - and they failed to win another game that year.

Hats off to Metstradamus though - If I already didn't have two of them already, I might have gone out and adopted a cat too.

I wish I liked football.

MetsGal said...

My dog has the same jersey, we had her wearing it the other day. Thats too cute

katherine said...

it seems that everyone, except maybe Demitri, has somehow moved on with their lives, and has gotten over the Mets. I decided today I would do the same and I would start by learning to like football. There was a game on TV in my basement just now so I went down and joined in and just as I sat down and started paying attention to what the announcers were saying, I heard "....and the new york fans and the collapse of the Mets....." so I jumped up and ran out of the room. I didn't hear the end of the sentence or even get a chance to see who was playing.

Demitri said...

yeah - its been everywhere. I was avoiding all the usual sports outlets, as well as the Today show, but then caught Jon Stewart (a huge mets fan) and Stephen Colbert mention it.

I actually have moved on – and am actually enjoying the Red Sox / Indians ALCS. I'm not putting the Mets hat back on until 2008 though.

katherine said...

I think I am having a relapse - caused by the fact that I have out of the blue developed a passionate antipathy to the Red Sox. There was a headline in the Times a few days ago saying, "Are the Red Sox the New Yankees?"
My problem is, I still hate the OLD Yankees.
And for reasons I can't understand now I hate the new ones, too.

And regarding game day rituals- I attended a lecture today, the subject was obsessive compulsive disorder. One of the characteristic traits is the strong belief that having rituals can prevent something bad from happening. So maybe being a Mets fan is actually a clinical disorder.

Demitri said...

Finally! A diagnosis! I knew it had to be some hind of condition. Maybe being a Mets fan will have to be added to the DSM-IV?

I was torn between the Indians (longest WS drought) and the Red Sox (2nd WS Win since 2000 would undoubtedly get under the skin of Yankees fans.)

Here's how I settled on the Sox: I decided it would benefit the Mets if the Sox won, and Shilling stays in Beantown rather than return to Philadelphia.

katherine said...

I am going to win the Nobel Prize for medicine! I'll have to credit Demitri (just a little) in my acceptance speech. I plan to submit the following to be included in the next edition of the DSM:

Mets Fandom: subcategory of Major Mood Disorder, with the following specifiers: seasonal features, melancholic features, and finally, catatonic features. (it all comes back to the cats)

Must be differentiated from the following disorders, which might appear similar, such as Delusional Disorder, or Shared Psychotic Disorder.

Demitri said...

I offer advance congratulations on being published.

What we need, now that there is a diagnosis, is a treatment. Hopefully one that doesn't include drugs or becoming a Yankee fan.

katherine said...

sorry, no known treatment for "Mets Fandom Disorder". Chronic illness with seasonal exacerbations.

I had to turn off last night's game after Dustin Pedroia's lead-off homer. I correctly assumed it was the beginning of a bad evening for a Red Sox hater. Did Manny engage in his usual showboating home run shenanigans? I am having fantasies that one of these days when he does that the earth will open up below him and SWALLOW HIM UP.

Demitri said...

I feel like I have an almost zen-like detachment from the Series this year. I actually don't really care who wins. It lacks the clarity of past years when the Yankees or Braves were there. Uh oh - is this another symptom?

Here are some more reasons it would be good if the Sox won though:

1> We never, ever have to feel sorry for them for the 86 year drought, nor have any nagging guilt about beating them in 1986, for Buckner etc.

2> The religious thing with the Rockies is just creepy. The more I read about it, the more it has a Stepford Wives feel to it.

3> Those Rockies uniforms are just hideous. Looks like the Red Sox are playing against a bunch of beer cans.

4>Did I mention I want Schilling to stay in the AL and not come to the NL East and pitch for say... the Phillies?