Friday, October 12, 2007

Always Something There To Remind Me

Thursday night's Game One of the NLCS featured a key play where Justin Upton got Augie Ojeda called out for interference on a slide at second base.

Gee, does that look familiar to you? They say that the great thing about baseball is that you may see something you've never seen before. Unfortunately, the seamy side of baseball is that you will probably see something that will refresh your memory like a ripped off band-aid.

It's like Total Recall, except Sharon Stone isn't in your bathroom taking a shower.

Damn you C.B. Bucknor.


katherine said...

I was thinking about that during the game last night, too. That August mets game ranks in the top 3 most painful experiences of the summer, along with the last game of the season, and the thursday night game against the Marlins in September where we blew the lead in the 9th inning. Those games are what drove me to become a blog reader.

I have a theory about these interference calls - I think some sort of secret directive must have been made to the umpires, to start calling them more. Because the first time I ever heard it being done was this August - remember the Phillies/Padres game where Carlos Ruiz took out Brian Giles? Ruiz was called for interference. Then Marlon, just a few days later, now Upton.

But I will admit to getting a certain amount of childish pleasure from the spectacle of the Arizona fans booing and throwing things on the field. I didn't think they had it in them.

Anonymous said...

I want a retort to today's Wallace Matthews column. Please?

Anonymous said...

Um, your picture clearly shows Anderson making contact with his foot off the bag. And extending his arms. Both are illegal.

Why is this still being questioned?

kjs said...


What a miserable article. What lack of journalistic perception. No REAL reporting was done for this "column."
Matthews has brought up some good points in the past: The farce of CitiField, a home for NYC's aristocrats, not a ballfield for the average NYC baseball fan; the displacement of businesses in the Flushing/Corona area, etc.
In this piece, I perceive no detailed analysis of off-season moves by the Mets organization; no perception of how injuries affected the Mets throughout the 2007 season; no real understanding of Jose Reyes' decline, which Wallace Mathhews cowardly allows to remain a White Elephant in the room.(And is Wallace seeing Pink Elephants these days?) No verification that the photo's subjects were actual mets fans and not frauds.(Remember how the fascist media reported that the Republican Youth who marched as "Communists for Kerry" without checking that they were imposters?)
And quite honestly making blanket statements about the Mets fan base without presenting any evidence is nauseating and Fox-News--like. Example One: I'm a Mets fan. I couldn't care less what the team in the Bronx does except when we have to face them or they play an inter-league series against a Mets opponent.
Wallace Matthews needs help. I'm sure NEWSDAY has psychiatric coverage. He should use it.

katherine said...

maybe Wallace Matthews is "Mr Mutt"

kjs said...

I think Matthews and the Mets organization don't get along, Katherine. Whatever, I had Yanks vs. Mets fights when I was 7 vs. my brother. Why is a grown human like Wallace Matthews still in adolescence?

upstate met fan said...

Baseball still being played??