Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just Remember, Yankee Fans...

We fired Joe Torre first.

No, it's true! Here's the proof in video form!


Jeterboy said...

Thought this was funny on youtube.....Mr. Met trying to commit suicide on Conan O'Brien...

It was really weird to watch that clip of Torre as a Met. We've gotten so used to him as a Yankee over twelve years, its easy to forget that he managed the Braves, Cards, and Mets. HOF as a Yankee manager and # retired.

With that said, my thought is that Torre must go. Three straight first round defeats and a historic embarrassing loss to the Red Sox (with a $200MM payroll) is more than enough evidence. If you keep him on, you are essentially validating that coming in second place (or in this case fourth in the league) is acceptable. A seven year championship drought is not acceptable by Yankee standards. We have a team that is built every year to win it all...not just win division championships or make the playoffs. Its time for a change...hopefully Joe Girardi in my view but I think it will be Mattingly. I thought the change should have happened after the Red Sox series in 2004 when he let the team sink into a state of shock.

As for Mr. May Part II A-Rod...he showed again that he can't perform on the big stage. Yes..he had a couple of hits this time but couldn't get anything done in the clutch with people on base. He drove in his first postseason RBI since 2004 with his solo shot in Game 4. And of course A-Rods best work comes with no one on base down four runs..or tack on crap when its a blow out. He carried the team to the playoffs this year and they wouldn't be there without him...but if you don't perform in October, nobody remembers you. I say let him go and spend elsewhere.

Rivera is posturing. His ego is hurt. We'll pay him.

Clemens was a waste of $30MM. Goodbye.

Abreu - goodbye.

Posada - will be signed.

Pettite - will come back for one more. he had a great year.

Can hardly wait until Giambi, Mussina and Godzookie get off the payroll.

Cy Wang still hasn't won a big game in three postseasons.

Kind of interesting that the Yankees potential offseason moves are getting more play than the teams in the ALCS and NLCS?

How sad that both the Yankees and Mets have suffered historical chokes in the last couple of years. Pretty pathetic for such a great baseball town.

Hopefully your time off refreshed you Metstra. Your manifesto forced me to look into intervention techniques for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeterboy how come no ripping of el capitan? JETER STUNK. Stop ripping A-Rod when he is one of the main reasons you guys made the playoffs. If it wasn't for him keeping the Yankees head afloat in April, May and June there would have been no playoffs for skanks.

katherine said...

typical yankee fan - thinks WE want to hear his moaning and groaning.

Demitri said...

yeah - boo hoo!

We would have taken a 1st round playoff defeat!

Toasty Joe said...

" A seven year championship drought is not acceptable by Yankee standards."

How quickly we forget the 18-year gap prior to 1996. Perhaps Jeterboy wasn't born yet.

Unser said...

Too funny. Did Torre say that he was sorry to leave because the team now had a chance to win?!? That split season really fooled him . . . and us. I seem to remember, sometime during the last week of the season, Bob Murphy announcing that 1981 NLCS tix would go on sale the following morning (seriously).

choo choo said...

Who the hell cares what the Yankees are doing next year, or ever? But yes, no mention of Capt. Double Play.