Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just What The Doctor Ordered

The Rockies were like an everclear chaser on Monday night. Bitter taste of a bad loss to the Braves got you hungover? Kill that taste with a nice, comfy game against the Rockies that'll put you back in first place.

Some thoughts:
  • Is John Maine officially the Mets' ace yet?
  • Remember when Moises Alou was crushing the ball and it was going straight into leather? Guess what, he's getting a couple of well deserved cheapies here and there. That's what we call "evening out" (not an evening out drinking everclear.)
  • Think the Rockies regret not walking Jose Valentin?
  • Is there any clearer indication of the Mets improved drafting skills than Bobby Keppel? Keppel was a Mets top draft pick in 2000...and much like the Kirk Presleys of the world he muddled in the minors without making much of an impact. Compare that to the upside of some of the more recent draft picks...coincidence? I highly doubt it.
  • When I was in third grade, I tried to get Doug Flynn to autograph a baseball between innings of a game. That's when the usher told me that players don't sign autographs after the game starts. Much like most nine year olds, I was crushed. And now, all these years later I see Carlos Delgado catch the final foul pop of the game, and then sign it for a fan in the stands. Although I am extremely impressed by Delgado's gesture, it is now proven what I always suspected: That damn usher lied to me!


Mike said...

Yes, Maine is the Mets ace.

Unser said...


Glad the Braves didn't come back to win that one last night. After Sunday's win, that could've given them some serious momentum.

It still amazes me that ESPN continues to focus on the individual performance in baseball. They will always lead off with a Bonds or A-Rod, even if the Giants or Yankees lose by 5.

Toasty Joe said...

Was I the only one who noticed that Carlos was jogging off the field with the pen still in his hand? Did he have it in his sock like Terrell Owens?

MetsGrrl said...

only thing missing from maine's outing last night was the hat tip to the crowd as he walked back to the dugout.

Jason said...

Kirk Presley was not a bad draft pick. Injury killed his carrer.