Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ollie's Oxens Are Available (But Never Free)

At least his passes aren't free...not today.

Consider this the "duh statement of the day" but...what a contrast from his last start, where he became the first pitcher in Mets history to walk or hit five straight hitters, to Saturday, where he threw twenty straight strikes. If Oliver Perez was on the PBA tour, that would be close to two perfect games in a row, which would approach Johnny Vander Meer's baseball record.

And while it's pointless to mention Johnny Vander Meer in the same breath as a franchise who has gone almost one-half century without a no-hitter, Ollie's 7-2 win today is on par with Vander Meer's record as far as he's concerned...especially after his last game ten days ago.

Even when Perez is struggling, as he did slightly in the sixth and seventh today, at least he struggles on the side of getting hit, and not walking the park home. Make 'em hit the damn ball. That's what Perez did all right.

But good for him. I'm glad that someone located Perez's lost strike zone (probably Rick Peterson, the Dog Whisperer). Hopefully, Ollie keeps that thing chained up in the yard (though there will be days where it'll get loose and wander around the town again. Not too often, we hope.)


After his four for five today, would it be safe to say that Carlos Beltran is hitting a loud .385, while David Wright is hitting a quiet .290? The hoopla has surrounded Wright and his hitting streak, but it has been Beltran that has done the most damage (especially lately now that he's bringing in that runner from third with less than two outs with more regularity). Wright was moved to second in the order today as an offshoot of Paul Lo Duca's rest day (along with Fluff Castro's third home run of the season...that's a damn good offshoot).

Wright went oh for four, quietly.


From Friday night:
A 40-year-old man was arrested at Shea Stadium on Friday night after he tried to distract an Atlanta Braves pitcher and shortstop with a high-powered flashlight. Frank Martinez was charged with interference with a professional sporting event and second-degree reckless endangerment...

Interference with a professional sporting event? That sounds like Roberto Alomar's entire Met career. Can we have Robby arrested, please?


57 said...

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kyle in newport news said...

That's one of the less common ways to get arrested for flashing.

Echo said...

Just wanted to share a sweet moment at today's game. My boss
passed on 4 tickets to me, and to my utter and total delight, they
were field level, first row. It was
my 9 yr old nieces first ball game at Shea; She was all decked out in her new Mets t-shirt, and cap. As she was sitting in her seat looking cute, who comes up to her but Hotfoot himself, Roger McDowell.
He was kind enough to pose for a picture, and he gave her a baseball. My niece was absolutely thrilled but composed enough to snap the picture; I was starstruck, lol,and my camera has no pix of Roger on it.
We had such a great time today, and will always have this wonderful baseball memory. As for my niece, I think she's still holding onto that ball.

Mike said...

Beltran. Reminds me of last June when The Left Side Of The Infield Boys hit like HOFers and shared player of the month honors. Very sweet, and I was happy for them.

But then I checked the Met numbers and realized that neither of them even had the best month on the team, let alone the league.

Beltran hits loudly, but everything he says, or said about him, is very quiet.

He was THE BEST player in the NL last year (only PooHoles & Cabrera really deserved to be mentioned in the same sentence), but no one talked about him as a legit MVP candidate.

Oh well. I suspect he prefers it this way.

Unser said...

Wright isn't hitting anything with authority to the opposite field. Weird, since that has been his calling card. NL pitchers are clearly throwing inside to him. He's getting beat with fastballs on the inside corner.

I still like him best in the 5th hole. Don't want a hitter like that giving himself up.