Friday, April 20, 2007


Bring on the Braves.

The Mets are hitting .303...not one player, not one spot in the batting order...the whole damn team.

And for once, the Mets aren't discriminatory as to who they wreck. One day it's star pitcher Dontrelle Willis. The next, it's rookie Rick Vanden Hurk. Usually, the rookies give the Mets problems. And Vanden Hurk would have been one of those guys who was the perfect example of someone that professional hitters like the Mets should slaughter, but would wind up shutting the Mets out on a hit or two.

But something tells me that if Walter Johnson, Cy Young, or even Kevin Costner were to come back from the dead and pitched against the Mets...with a high mound and a dead ball no less, that the Mets can create some offense.

Fluff Castro is hitting .357 (which coincidentally is his hat size), and Shawn Green is hitting .341. Moises Alou is hitting .361. Carlos Delgado is...well, he's not hitting his weight quite yet, but his loud two run double got the fun started in the third inning which gave the Mets six runs. These numbers, in addition to David Wright's 26 game hitting streak (with a winter of rest in the middle) are obscene.

Add that to Orlando Hernandez's ten strikeouts in seven innings and you have an 11-3 victory and a two game sweep of the sinking Marlins to go along with a rested bullpen. Just in time for Larry Jones and Co. to come into a rockin' Shea Stadium for a three game series to decide the fate of the, the division lead.


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Unser said...

And the weather is finally warm in New York. No ski masks needed for the Carloses.

Schuyla' said...

i could swear that guy works at my local fish market.

Eric said...

nice column over at F.U. metstra
always pounded out lie if i said i wasnt hoping for a shout out though haha

Metstradamus said...

Eric, it was already in the can when I saw your comment. You get an eternal shout out here.

Eric said...

from you..thats good enough