Monday, April 23, 2007

Dead Meat

Well that was ugly.

This game reminded me of a heavyweight fight...except the fight in question was Lang/Balboa I from Rocky III, where Balboa came out strong in the beginning (Jose Reyes' bases loaded triple and Paul Lo Duca's RBI single in the sixth), but once Lang got going (Shawn Green's misplay of the Scott Thorman's fly ball in the seventh), Lang connected with roundhouses (like Edgar Renteria's home run to finish that inning), Balboa could barely land any counters (Jose Valentin's error in the eighth) and all that was left was for Rocky to take that long fall to the canvas (Kelly Johnson's second home run of the game).

Of course, Lang/Balboa I was early in the movie, and the Braves taking four out of the first six from the Mets is early in the 2007 season. And the Mets come out of this only one half games back of first place. And the advantage that the Mets have is that their trainers were still alive after the game, unlike poor Mickey who went to that great boxing ring in the sky.

But I will say that the Mets' bullpen, in parts, still has something to prove in big moments. I'm not anti-Heilman, but something always seems to be off with Aaron, whether it be his mood, or his slider, or the McReynolds like demeanor his seems to possess most of the time. And Scott Schoeneweis, while victimized by Shawn Green's unfortunate battle with the baseball (why does disaster always seem to follow a Shawn Green close call?) to me, still needs to find his rhythm as a Met. Seven walks and two strikeouts in close to seven innings of work so far doesn't exactly instill supreme confidence...yet. Like I said: still a ways to go. But for a bullpen that was widely thought to be the strength of the team, the foundation is starting to shake ever so slightly.


Mike said...

Well-stated, Metstra.

Unfortunatley, after 9 months now, it's time to add one name to the list of "Oh shit, I'm officially concerned" Guys: The erstwhile Prince of New York, young Mr. Wright.

Something's wrong. Deep down, we all know it.

elliot said...

Metstra - you admit to watching Rocky III?

Don S. said...

I never quite pinpoint it w/Heilman. McReynolds-like is right on the money. There is also something wrong w/him, he's just not the same.

adoniram said...

I am borderline anti-Heilman and always have been. He just doesn't seem like winner to me. He does seem like a whiner.

At first I thought that was my unfair judging based on his appearance. After a couple years I'm thinking that appearances can be revealing.

As for Wright, I wouldn't worry.

I thought he looked bad early in the year even when the streak was still going and he looks awful now but I still wouldn't worry.

He's had two fantastic years so far and he's still the great future star he ever was. There's just maybe a little more future in that than we thought and a little less star.


I do get nervous every time he throws the ball across the diamond. Maybe next time he chooses a 3B hero (HoJo) he should choose one that was a better fielder.