Friday, April 13, 2007

Grumpy Old Men

Thursday night was the first time that Statler and Waldorf pitched against each other.

Oh, sorry, that's Glavine and Moyer.

Luckily, the right muppet came out on top. I don't know whether Tom Glavine would be Statler or Waldorf, but he helped pitch the Mets to a 5-3 victory to take the series from the Phillies, despite giving up two home runs to new arch-enemy Jimmy Rollins. Luckily, a mechanical adjustment fixed that:

"I was rushing in my delivery and rushing to try to make pitches...After the second inning, when I threw my warmup pitches in the third inning, I kind of tried to make a little conscious adjustment and it felt good. It felt like my pitches were a little bit better during the warmup and just tried to go with it, and it seemed to work." -Tom Glavine

And there lies the difference between Glavine and say...Oliver Perez. Aah, you're groaning. I know some of you think I've given up on poor Ollie. And that's just not so. I haven't given up. But Oliver did lose the strike zone. All I wanted to do was provide a public service to help him find it. I was only trying to be being helpful.

But the only difference is that Glavine was able to figure out what he needs to do between innings, and is not totally dependant on Rick Peterson to tweak himself. Perez, meanwhile, seemed lonely out there on the mound, hoping to get out of the third inning so that he could get some Rick Peterson advice to get him through the fifth. If only he had gotten that third out, he might have made it. Instead, we saw one of the most painful innings that I had ever seen, because Perez was on an island with no life preservers near him.

It's the disadvantages of youth.

But Ollie could very well come back with another strong outing his next game with some tweaking from Peterson, and I'll be roasted for putting up that sign. I expect it. Hell I welcome it. That would mean that the Mets got themselves another victory.


I've gotta give Jimmy Rollins credit. He pissed off everyone in New York along with their mothers with his comment, but he backs it up by hitting the lights out of the ball. Good thing he's been pretty much the only one hitting consistently on that team or the Mets would have been in real trouble this series.

Instead they have gone 6-3 in the first nine games, which were thought to be a tough way to kick off the schedule. You would have taken that in a heartbeat, no? And now, the Nationals come to town and present a chance for the Mets to fatten up...especially now that the Nats have gotten their win for the week, bringing Atlanta back to the pack a little bit in the process.

Of course I say this, which means the Nats are going to come in and sweep the Mets because they're motivated to win in Manny Acta's former house. Nothing is a sure thing, but a sweep may be a must here. Something tells me that the fate of the other four teams in the division are going to be decided by how little (or how often) they lose to the Nationals. The Braves have one. Can the Mets take advantage?

Probably not, now that I've jinxed it. Good going soothsayer.


Mike said...

2 out of 3 will be fine. LOts of games against this minor leaguers.

Though I think they'll sweep. Nats pitching is awful; it may be hard to keep the Mets from unloading all over the scoreboard (and how's THAT for an image?)

David said...

I like the recap on Glavine's win because he talks about being able to self-correct now in a way he couldn't when he was Maine's age. (

Jackie Martling is a Drunk said...

I'm glad Tom is getting some good times out of his decision to come to New York. Those first few years under Clueless Art must have been very hard on him.

6th Floor blog said...

You're right about the difference between Glavine and Perez. Perez has made a handful of starts since game 7 last year including the spring, and hasn't been wild. I'm hoping it's a case of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. And I also hope that Perez can learn, and does learn from Glavine's adjustments last night.

Anonymous said...

wheres turk wendell?????

Unser said...

I caught last night's game on the Phillies radio station (I was driving down to D.C.). They were actually pretty unbiased. They talk as if they think Reyes is the greatest ball player since Willie Mays. They also think a trade is in the works involving Burrell or Victorino for a real reliever.

Anyone concerned about the Mets' lack of power in the first 9 games? Could just be the cold weather. . .

albertsonmets said...

Neither Glavine nor Moyer looked all that sharp when I saw them at Shea Thursday night.
But now that I've read here that they both pitched Wednesday night as well, I have to say I'm impressed.
Not bad for a couple of old coots.