Sunday, February 11, 2007

History In The Making

There was a time when losing streaks were simply relegated to expansion teams like the 1962 Mets who, among other losing streaks, lost a season high 17 in a row.

But nowadays, even storied franchises like the Boston Celtics aren't immune...the team who has won more NBA titles than any other, has a losing streak of 17 and counting.

Who's streak was more painful? You be the judge:

The Mets streak started on May 21st with a 3-2 loss which dropped their record to 12-20. The Celtics streak started on January 7th as they entered play that night with a record of 12-20.

The Mets lost 17 games by a combined 56 runs, an average of just over three runs a game. The Celtics have lost 17 games by a combined 150 points, just short of nine points a game...with the NBA's three point shot, that's about right.

The 1962 Mets had a pitcher named Vinegar. The Celtics wish they had vinegar to cover the stench that permeates the T (no D) Banknorth Garden.

The Mets were managed by Casey Stengel, who was 71 years old and frequently made no sense. The Celtics are managed by Doc Rivers, who can't lean on the excuse of old age for his senility.

The average age of the 1962 Mets was, amazingly, only 29.1 years old. The 2007 Boston Celtics have only two players over the age of 29, and considering those two players are Theo Ratliff (who's played a total of two games this season), and Michael Olowokandi (who has allegedly played 19 games but someone is going to have to prove that to me), I would hardly count them as "players".

The 1962 Mets had Harry Chiti, who was once traded for himself. The 2007 Boston Celtics have Sebastian Telfair. Telfair was traded to Boston in exchange for Raef LaFrentz, who's departure from Boston has incredibly not made the Celtics any better.

During the streak, Frank Howard drove in eight runs in six games against the Mets. Dwight Howard dropped 18 points and 12 rebounds in one game against Boston.

The Celtics' streak will most land them the phenom Greg Oden in the 2006 draft.

There was no MLB draft in 1963. Back then, a 17 game losing streak only got you the proverbial set of steak knives.

The Mets had a Throneberry. The Celtics have a Scalabrine.

The Mets had plenty of players with World Series experience on the '62 team...Richie Ashburn, Gil Hodges, Roger Craig, Gus Bell, and even Don Zimmer, among others, all played in World Series in their careers.

The Celtics...have Brian Scalabrine.

The Mets streak has been over for almost 45 years. The Celtics streak, as long as Doc Rivers and former Blue Jay Danny Ainge are given a votes of confidence, could last for another 45 years.


fredstradamus said...

How far Theo "Block Party" Ratliff has fallen ... and, really, could Candy Man ever play the game? Ever?

I feel for you, dude ... I know you like the Celts.

There's a great book on the '62 Mets ... I'll post when I find the title.

kyle in newport news said...

You might be able to use this pic someday:

Metstradamus said...

Professor "Frank" is a genius!

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