Saturday, October 28, 2006

Was There A Game Eight That I Didn't Know About?

Dear New York Mets,

Oh, don't act like you're above reading this blog. I know you are. In fact, I know you have spies and snipers parked outside my apartment ready to end my life if I make too sensitive a joke about your front office, the chicken fingers at the concession stands, or your practice of sending 80 year old ushers to the upper deck.

So I know you're reading. And I have one request.

Can you please take down the flash animation on your website that tells us that the Mets are this year's National League Champions, and encourages us to go out and buy our Mets World Series gear for 2006?

Because when I click on it, it tells me that the products are "temporarily out of stock".

Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it was that small detail about us not getting to the World Series?

The knife is already in my back. Please stop twisting it.



(Editor's note: finally, the "Mets World Series" gear advertisement comes down in favor of their "outlet selection".)


patona314 said...

bravo fellow met sufferer.

Mike said...


You didn't hear about Looper, and his hacking skills?

fred said...

Good gravy, what's next?

Helluva 24-hours, eh? Trevor Burbeck, Joe Niekro and Red Aurbach. RIP x 3.

MariusJanulisForThree said...

Well, we're still #1 in gentlemanly conversation.

We've gotta be the favorite for the NL in 2007, no?

Mike V said...

You should have gotten a screen shot of that.

Anonymous said...

They must've heard you because all I see is a link to learn how to get 2006 Post Season ticket REFUNDS.

junky said...

hm.. interesting!

Metstradamus said...

Nope, it's still there.

jabair said...

if the allegations are true,
thats pretty f#@cked up about the old dude!!!

Ed in Westchester said...

jabair - huh?
Please elaborate on what old guy you are referring to.

jabair said...

the usher that was fired for being too old

Ed in Westchester said...

ah. Yeah, I read that story recently. Stupid move on their part.
Guy also works for the Yanks.