Monday, October 30, 2006

Know Your Team And Know Your Sport: End Of Season Quiz

1. The name of the faith healer that David Wright mistakenly shot a commercial for is:

  • a) Creflo Dollar
  • b) Jae Rock Lee
  • c) Jae Weong Seo
  • d) Hanley Ramirez

2. Kris and Anna Benson are:

  • a) married
  • b) divorced
  • c) separated
  • d) procreating in a major league parking lot near you

3. The name of the song that the Mets attempted to market as their theme song was called:

  • a) "Our Team, Our Time"
  • b) "Your Team, Your Time"
  • c) "Lima's Team, Lima Time"
  • d) "Toxic"

4. In 2006, Mets announcer Keith Hernandez:

  • a) said that women don't belong in the dugout
  • b) admitted that he may drink heavily on occasion
  • c) revealed that he likes Hellman's light mayonnaise on hamburgers
  • d) all of the above

5. Darryl Strawberry almost did not attend the 1986 celebration because:

  • a) He was gassed from attending Yankee old timers day just months earlier
  • b) The Mets wouldn't pay him for services previously rendered in full
  • c) He was afraid they would make him stand in the "Strawberry Patch" in right field and that he would sink to the core of the earth
  • d) He still held a grudge over photo day towards Hernandez

6. The name of the drunk driver who ended Filthy Sanchez's season is:

  • a) Cecil Cooper
  • b) Cecil Wiggins
  • c) Alan Wiggins
  • d) Mel Gibson

7. Who is the 80's performer who wrote a song and appeared in a commercial for the Atlanta Braves?

  • a) Grandmaster Flash
  • b) Debbie Gibson
  • c) MC Hammer
  • d) Mel Gibson

8. Spell the first name of the former Met named Gonzalez:

  • a) Jeremy
  • b) Jeremi
  • c) Geremi
  • d) Dicky

9. What caused Billy Wagner to blow a save against the Yankees?

  • a) Couldn't concentrate with a four run lead
  • b) Distracted by the aura of Derek Jeter
  • c) Distracted by the odor of Derek Jeter
  • d) Busy holding a press conference bashing the Phillies

10. How old was Julio Franco at the start of the season?

  • a) 47
  • b) 48
  • c) 46
  • d) He's so old he's carbon dated

11. Who replaced Leo Mazzone as the pitching coach for the Atlanta Braves?

  • a) Randy Myers
  • b) Jesse Orosco
  • c) Roger McDowell
  • d) Doug Sisk

12. On average, how many runs of support did Steve Trachsel get per game?

  • a) 5.6
  • b) 7.3
  • c) 9.1
  • d) Not enough to change the channel

13. How did Pedro Martinez hurt himself?

  • a) Slicing his arm while cutting a sleeve off of his undershirt
  • b) Slipping on the floor while cutting a sleeve off of his undershirt
  • c) Cutting off the tip of his finger in a gardening accident
  • d) Strained a ligament in his finger while choking Braden Looper

14. What is Heath Bell's dog's name?

  • a) Petey
  • b) Screwball
  • c) Slider
  • d) Norfolk

15. Who did Metstradamus run into at the Amtrak station in Philadelphia?

  • a) John Olerud
  • b) Dave Kingman
  • c) Rico Brogna
  • d) Carlos Delgado

16. Why did Victor Zambrano run off of the mound in April at Shea Stadium?

  • a) He injured his elbow
  • b) A roach crawled up his leg
  • c) He was haunted by the ghost of Jim Fregosi even though Fregosi's still alive
  • d) Petey chased him away with his red whiffle bat

17. Why did Pedro Martinez cry upon his September return in Pittsburgh?

  • a) He could only go three innings
  • b) He re-injured his calf
  • c) He found out his Tamagotchi died
  • d) He found out that Jay Horowitz forgot to tape the previous week's run of "General Hospital"

18. What did Pete Rose apologize for on inscriptions on baseballs?

  • a) Betting on baseball
  • b) Shoving Dave Pallone
  • c) Starting a brawl with Bud Harrelson
  • d) His haircut

19. What is a "fandini"?

  • a) A drink
  • b) An air conditioner
  • c) A magician
  • d) The best the Mets could come up with as a "Fan Appreciation" giveaway

20. What did the "baseball experts" predict for the Mets in the postseason?

  • a) A World Series victory
  • b) A close loss in the World Series
  • c) Humiliation and destruction
  • d) The Mets would have their postseason berth revoked by Bud Selig

21. What was Tommy Lasorda's tag line in his "Get down off the tree and watch the World Series" campaign?

  • a) Get on the bus, Gus
  • b) It's your duty, Judy
  • c) Get out of the tub, Cub
  • d) Hey Lyons, where's my wallet?

22. According to Steve Lyons, why did Lou Piniella steal his wallet?

  • a) Because the Devil Rays didn't put any money they saved from their payroll into his contract
  • b) Because he's Hispanic
  • c) Because Marco Scutaro bet him he couldn't do it
  • d) Because he secretly has a crush on Lyons' wife and was jonesing for pictures

23. What was on Kenny Rogers' hand during the first inning of Game 2 of the World Series?

  • a) Dirt
  • b) Pine Tar
  • c) Flaxseed Oil
  • d) Magglio Ordonez' hair gel

24. David Eckstein is:

  • a) the shortstop for the Cardinals
  • b) the World Series Most Valuable Player
  • c) short
  • d) watching Kris and Anna Benson procreate in Eckstein's new yellow Corvette

25. Which Met surgery did NOT happen during the off season?

  • a) Carlos Delgado/right wrist (carpal tunnel)
  • b) Paul Lo Duca/left thumb (ligament tear)
  • c) Chris Woodward/left shoulder (torn labrum)
  • d) Aaron Heilman/right arm (tennis elbow)
  • e) Carlos Beltran/left shoulder (bat surgically removed)


Unser said...

Low blow on 23(d), MD. Low blow.

Is it just me, or is anyone else going over that 9th inning in their head and imagining an extra base hit by Beltran? Just seemed like that was in the script, not the real ending.

Ed Coleman mentioned on WFAN that the Mets are not going after Zito, but instead are trying to package a few younger players in a trade for a "top flight, proven, young, hard-throwing starter". Hmmmmm.

Unser said...

23(e), that is.

Ed in Westchester said...

unser - you mean 25 (e) right?

I can only answer 24

Otherwise, I use the old when in doubt, choose C.

That might explain my SAT score.

Unser said...

Yes, 25(e). I'm a total spaz today.

Walter said...

Well, the season might be over, but you help ease the pain by giving us more than our fair share of laughs this Monday morning. We appreciate the time and effort it took to put the End of Season Quiz together. I guess it's time to fire up the Hot Stove and start thinking about Spring Training.

Metstradamus, you're batting clean-up today on our main page.

Keep up the good writing,
Walter Roark (editor)
(All baseball, all the time--over
230 blog feeds + news sources)

Metstradamus said...


too soon?


Metstradamus said...

Walter, thank you as always.

Metstradamus said...

Unser, interesting that Coleman mentions that. I am currently working on my off-season preview which will be in TWO parts, appearing here Wednesday and Thursday. I have a theory as to who that hard thrower might be (or who I hope it will be), and it will be revealed by the end of the week.

k5nyc said...

Im wondering how many places there are that kris and anna havent fornicated in

Bruce said...

26. Carlos Beltran watched the last pitch of the Mets season go by because:
A. It was a brilliant curveball.
B. He noticed Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner intimately embracing out of the corner of his eye.
C. He heard Willie Randolph yell, "Come on Jeter!!" as the pitch was on its way.
D. Lo Duca bet on the Cardinals and Beltran owed him a favor.

Unser said...

Nah, your timing is good as always. My "low blow" was said (or blogged, I should say) with a smile. Glad to know I'm not the only one recreating that 9th inning (why didn't he swing at the first pitch!!! Argh!)

It'll be interesting to see how the Shea faithful treat Beltran on opening day and thereafter. He had a great year in my book, but we all know the deal with some of the fans (see Opening Day 2006).

Looking forward to your off-season preview. No idea who EC is referring to. I still can't imagine the Fish even entertaining a trade of Dontrelle, unless there's some dispute between him and ownership. I just hope it's not Kip Wells or something - enough with the the reclamation projects.

beezermess said...

Random thoughts for you....
I think it is a must for the Mets to get Zito...Schmidt should be second due to age and shoulder issues...I would love to get both to make a solid 1-2-3 with Glavine coming back for at least one more season and then the kids...You really can not depend on Pedro to be around next season and he is 35...
I think Soriano would be a big plus for any team...but I think happiness for him should be the outfield. He showed he can handle that position very well and I think that you need to have that big pat there to protect Beltran, Delgado and Wright...Could you imagine this...I can
1. Reyes
2. Lo Duca
3. Beltran
4. Soriano
5. Delgado
6. Wright
7. Green
8. A. Hernandez
9. Pitcher

If you like them, great, if not bite me...

P.S. As much as I enjoy the misery of the Jets, especially when they lose and when I am there...I will say this...
Eric Mangini should be coach of the year at this moment if it wasn't for Sean Payton...
And the Jets were robbed this week....

You see...I do not have my dark chi as you call it all the time....

Ed in Westchester said...

Kerry Wood anyone?
I know, another reclamation project. But....

I'm thinking the trade route is with the White Sox. Willis is going to cost an awful lot, and other teams have a lot to offer in terms of youth.

I await the offseason preview.

Still hating David Eckstein...

beezermess said...

As much as I love Kerry Wood...he is bound for the bullpen....his shoulder can't handle it and you can blame Jim Riggleman for that one...I do not think you risk money for him...see Victor Zambrano--take our money and use it for better options..
The White Sox...which pitcher do you want? I think the Free Agent Market is the way to go

Ed in Westchester said...

beezermess - I agree on FA, I personally want Zito. I would prefer to trade for LF or 2B.

As for the Sox, I've just heard them mentioned as a dance partner. Buehrle was named in the past, they just picked up his option. Maybe Garland. They want to make room for McCarthy.

Wood may be gotten on the cheap, you never know. With the Jacket, and his penchant for fixing mechanical issues, it might be a good fit. I don't want to see a lot of money thrown at him, but it might be worth a flyer is he is cheap enough.

unser - I want no booing of Beltran next year. It would be Yankee fanish to do so.

beezermess said...


I like Garland....I like him a lot more and I think a change of scenery would do him good, but I do not think that the White Sox would want to do that---especially if they are looking to dangle Crede for pitching (they need bullpen help)
It is hard to make a trade for an impact player in the outfield at this point unless the Mets are willing to trade Milledge...and if that is the case, I would rather take pitching and sign Soriano...and you know what--how about think that Prior is available...coming off injury and he is younger than Wood....

jabair said...

anyone have splits on soriano with men on base vs. bases empty?

I dont know about having a high strikeout guy batting cleanup.

plus i dont think willie likes players that question his authority or can disrupt the clubhouse chemistry.

Mets Beast said...

Can you say Carlos Zambrano? He's a hard-throwing top flight starter. Our young prospects can help out the Cubs (Milledge- CF, Pelfrey/Humber- SP)

Ed in Westchester said...

beezer - Prior is intruiging, but since they own his rights, I'm not sure if they would trade him. Also, the cost would be high in terms of players, which I would be against considering his injuries (Wood is a FA, so we only lose $).
Papers today mentioned Garcia or Vazquez as possible trades to the Mets.

Mets Beast - I like Zambrano, but I am unsure if Lou is going to want to trade his one good arm for youth. Lou does not like young guys that much IIRC. Prior at least has pitched in the majors, unlike the Met prospects.
Besides, I would rather we keep Pelfrey and Humber. Bannister on the other hand...

Ed in Westchester said...

jabair - Soriano and Willie have a past, so I would think Willie knows what he would be getting into and would be able to handle it. Plus, the vets in the clubhouse would not allow Soriano to get away with any shit.
The splits I am sure show he did a lot of damage w/o guys on base, mostly due to the ineptness of the Nats. Here however, he would have a lot of guys on base ahead of him. I would prefer he bat 5th personally, DW 6th, followed by Green. Or flip Sori and DW.

jabair said...

the worst feeling is striking out with guys on base.

I dont know this to be true, but i have a feeling tht soriano strikes out more often with men on base by chasing sliders low and away.

with bases empty, pitchers pitch to him. with men on base, they get him to chase sliders..

as i said, i dont know if the above is true or not, its just a "GUT FEELING"