Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh Mr. Seeeeeeliiiiiiiig?

Can we now get the results of the 2000 World Series overturned?
"Future Hall of Famer Roger Clemens is one of six players accused by a former teammate (former Diamondback Jason Grimsley) of using performance-enhancing drugs, the Los Angeles Times is reporting. The Times reports that the other players — whose identities had been concealed on an affidavit filed in federal court — are Astros pitcher Andy Pettitte, former American League MVP Miguel Tejada, and current Orioles Brian Roberts and Jay Gibbons. The sixth player, David Segui — who has retired from the game — previously came forward to admit that his name was among those blacked out in the affidavit."
Coincidentally, this story breaks the day after Clemens' final start of the season.

In a related story, God has formally broken off his personal relationship with Andy Pettitte.

Workout regimen my ass!


pj said...

Wow! The bat throwing freak is officially in the mix. whispers for years, but now the same announcers/beat writers who rightfully chide giamBALCO and BarROIDS can start chipping away at the first ballot juicer from the juice box.

pj said...


the AP story on the NY was filed at 12:04 AM on 1 October.

3 minutes later Metstradamus had the post published on TMAPOM.

Damn you're good! Evildoers beware!

Metstradamus said...

PJ, I was happy to hear that Roger Clemens has been implicated in performance enhancement use, and that I was quick on the story. Thank you.

But my happiness quickly wore off when you showed me that the acronym for this blog name kind of looks like the word "TAMPON".

Thanks a lot, PJ.

brooklyMetFan said...

"Reading the Tampon" that could catch on

Mike said...

Gee, I guess this means Clemens will become just as unpopular as Bonds now.

{Cough, cough}

Cause, you know, it's not as if Clemens is Mr. Charming while Bonds is an asshole. Bonds is and asshole, but he's got company on that count from Texas' second favorite son.

* * *

Funny how this stuff came down. Clemens sat out half the year, figuring he was in the clear. Then Jason Grinsley of all people brings the house down upon his head!

Unser said...

What a shocker. You mean it's not normal for a 42 year old to throw 99 mph splitters? Gee, and I really believed him in 2000 when he said he thought the bat shard was the ball - I guess those performance enhancing drugs kicked things up a notch that night.

Yes, still bitter.

j m said...

When things ever get real busy for you, you'll have a good excuse for posting updates here for only one week a month.

Ed in Westchester said...

Metstra - first, nice post.
Second, congrats for the mention in the Journal News this morning. They printed your Pedro blog.

jabair said...


where in the journal news???

sheadenizen said...

Well we can all stop gloating because Jeff Brantley (on BBTN) who spoke with someone who "absolutely knows" ( his words), says that Grimsley did not name Clemens and Pettitte....that the investigators just brought their names up. Now who wouldn't believe Jeff Brantley's secret source....or Jeff Brantley for that matter? We all just jumped to conclusions....shame on us :)

pj said...

"Which way to HGH Beach?"

sheadenizen said...

Okay, I take back everything I just said about Jeff Brantley. He's a genius. He just picked the Mets to win the WS over the Yanks on BBTN. Boy, that guy really knows his stuff. Mea culpa, mea culpa!

jabair said...

all the while 1 nut kruk was arguing with steve phillips on why "choke" hoffman should win the CY young..

and brantley also ended the arguement by saying that closers get the rolaids relief award and starters get the Cy young...

all of a sudden im on the brantley wagon too after watching BBTN on eYESpn

Ed in Westchester said...

jabair - paper edition. Under the power rankings each week they reprint a blog entry or part of one that they like.
Metstradums this week.







jabair said...

andy pettit is the baseball version of rep. tom foley.. got caught talking dirty to little boys..

taking roids makes you petite where it counts, refgardless of how you spell your name..

Anonymous said...

I've only heard the initial report....however I can't help but notice that people love to jump to conclusions based on media reports in this society. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? You're very quick to chop people down either because you dislike the athlete or because they beat your team in some big games. Look at what happened in the TO situation....the media and the public jumped to conclusions right after the initial reports came out (someone breaking a story to be the first one out without checking sources) thing you know the authorities reverse their position...he goes back to the practice field, and has a decent game on Sunday. Look how quickly that story died.

Who is Jason Grimsley anyway? Who determined if he is a credible witness? He is a below average player with no baseball life left....he is probably so bitter, he would say anything to bring anybody down.

It also seems a bit skitzo to be lauding a guy for picking the Mets and then criticising him for quoting a source on a story (that doesn't support your quick accusations). Flip Flop.

Harold Reynolds said...

Also, the cancer comments about Kruk are really tasteless. There is nothing to joke about regarding cancer....if you've ever been close to it with family or wouldn't use it as a derogatory term.

Benny Agbayani said...

The Mets really got it going over the weekend in time for the playoffs and quieted those who were pushing the panic button. This series with the Dodgers is going to be tough...Lowe, Maddux, and the Lefty that kills us. I think this series goes the distance. We can lose a couple of games here with our starting rotation and wouldn't be surprised if we were 1-1 out of Shea. The Padres probably lie in wait if/when we get through the Dodgers.

The Yankees caught a lucky break in that they don't have to face Johan in that five game set. If the Twins and A's go the distance, the Yanks will have a big advantage in the 2nd round. Things appear to have opened up big time in the Bronx. The Tigers turnaround was almost as amazing as their collapse at seasons end. I'm not sure if I've seen two teams such as the Cards and Tigers enter the playoffs in such disarray.

Nolan Ryan said...

Jumping to conclusions? Being a first to post is nothing to be congratulated on if you don't have all the facts. Time will tell as to what is truth or not.

Normal for a 42-year old to throw 99 mph splitters? Didn't (former Met) Nolan Ryan do that into his mid-forties due to a strong workout regimine?

Nolan Ryan said...

Jumping to conclusions? Being a first to post is nothing to be congratulated on if you don't have all the facts. Time will tell as to what is truth or not.

Normal for a 42-year old to throw 99 mph splitters? Didn't (former Met) Nolan Ryan do that into his mid-forties due to a strong workout regimine?

Mike said...

Who says Ryan wasn't juicing too?

Not saying he was, but was the automatic free pass (like the 2000+ he issued in his career)?

Adoniram said...

So Jabair... now that the story is proving to be inaccurate I assume you're gonna retract comparing Andy Pettite to a pedophile.

It's amazing, you guys bitch about and others for their brand of poor sports journalism but you really do believe everything you're fed if it's what you already wanted to believe.

I can understand hating Clemens... but what did Andy Pettite ever do to anyone? Isn't he the sort of ballplayer we want in this league instead of egomaniacs like Bonds or jerks like Clemens?

Gimme a team of Beltrans and Andy Pettites and Edgardo Alfonzos any day of the week.

Shea Gadfly said...

Oh my God, I am going to throw up...reports that the Duque is hurt. Hurt!!! Needs an MRI after jogging during practice today 10/3/06...a day before the division series starts? Why are we being tormented. I love Bangor but who goes fourth if we even get that far now? Why?

Metstradamus said...


Did you ever throw a bat shard at an opponent?

jabair said...

the andy pettite reference is because i love watching "holier than thou" people fall from grace...

he claims to have gods cell phone number while the rest must call a 1-900 number to speak to an operator...

foley acted like a champion for proctecting kids online but turns out he was an online predator..

i love people who live in glass houses get hit in the back of the head with a boomerang they threw themselves.. especially politicians and religious nut jobs

hey harold... maybe you oughta learn a thing or two about work place etiquete before getting on your to preach about cancer..

adoniram said...

How is Pettite holier than thou? Cuz he wanted to give away free Bibles?

Anyway, what's interesting about this (besides discovering some people's religious bigotry) is that there's been a lot of speculation that steroid use was rampant among pitchers for recovery purposes. We haven't seen that many big names though.

This particular story seems to not have legs (or at least be vastly misreported) but it should be interesting to see what's next.

It may be very difficult to speculate on which pitchers might be juiced and which might not be because they used it in a different way than players. However, throwing bats at opponents might be a sign that something isn't right.