Monday, October 16, 2006

Momentum, Thy Name Is Carlos Delgado


It's supposed to be the next day's starting pitcher.

So they say.

But it didn't quite matter who was on the hill for the Mets on Sunday night. Because if the Mets' lineup didn't produce against Anthony Reyes, they were done.



Game 4 of the NLCS was going to show us what the Mets were made of, one way or the other. For Game 3 introduced the Mets to adversity. Would the Mets let adversity come and pick their pocket?

No. Instead, they took adversity, slugged him in the mouth, did a bar slide straight out the window, spit on him, then laughed in his face.

And it was Carlos Delgado doing the leg work.

Oh the whole Mets lineup, from top to bottom, produced on Sunday. David Wright got his first hit of the series, a solo HR. Jose Valentin broke out of his slump with a game icing three run triple. Carlos Beltran had two solo HR's tonight, the first one putting the Mets on the board at a time when the Cardinals were threatening to blow the Mets out of the water again. But it's Carlos Delgado who is having a playoff series for the ages. Delgado hit another three run HR, his third dinger of the series, in the fifth inning to give the Mets a 5-2 lead. Then, in the sixth, he came up with a 2 run ground rule double to give him five straight runs batted in, and spark the big six run sixth off of the Cardinals bullpen.

When someone has never experienced the playoffs during a long career, it's impossible to tell how they're going to perform on the big stage. The Mets are lucky that the players that got them to the dance are still dancing once they get to the big ballroom for the first time. Carlos Delgado is exhibit A, and at no other time during the season was a big performance needed as much as it was on Sunday. Boy did they get some big performances.

All of a sudden, this series is tied at two apiece...and things look a lot better right now than they did 24 long hours ago.

As for Ollie Perez, no he wasn't spectacular. But he gave the Mets a chance to win which is all anyone would ever ask of him. If Ollie Perez was a mediocre NFL quarterback, then one would say that he "managed the game". For example: if Perez doesn't get Juan Encarnacion to ground into the inning ending double play in the first (and in the process save Delgado's error makin' bacon), then who knows how this game goes. But Perez got the outs that were absolutely required of him, and earned himself some widespread respect in the process, along with perhaps a potential Game 7 start.

In other words, Oliver Perez "managed the game" opposed to Steve Trachsel who was baseball's equivalent of Ryan Leaf on Saturday.

I still don't understand why Dave Williams isn't on the roster...maybe he threw small puppies off of a building or something...but Perez has certainly made Omar Minaya look pretty damn smart (well, smarter than we already think he is) for trading Xavier Nady away.

Willie Randolph told us that the Mets were as loose as ever after Game 3, and that they were going to approach this game the way they did any other game. I have to admit that I had my doubts. But when Darren Oliver was on the radio before the game talking about how he was going to bust on Chad Bradford in the bullpen, that was clue number one that maybe Willie wasn't just dishing the spin (or is that spinning the dish?) And when you saw the Mets in the dugout during the game, and especially during their six run sixth, they were their old selves...laughing and cavorting...and maybe throwing a little singing as well.

So I guess momentum's name is now Tom Glavine...on short rest. But we all know the truth. The truth is that momentum is tomorrow's starting lineup.


Donn the Realist said...

"I still don't understand why Dave Williams isn't on the roster...maybe he threw small puppies off of a building or something"

Hahahahaha. Keep up the good work. Oh, by the way- you might wanna fix the poll question, considering how game 5 of the NLCS hasn't been played yet and all....

jabair said...



Cabot said...

This blog is great. I was trolling around looking for some more glorification of Del-GOD-o since J.Stark always leaves me with an empty, useless feeling and BP won't be up till noon.

Now that he's taken a day off from rampaging through my soul I'd like to taunt Spiezio (sp? I don't care). Is there any chance a New York woman would wear fake red facial hair, in public? I've got tix to the hopefully unecessary G-7 and I am trying to convince my wife to wear a fat suit, a Spiezio shirt, and a witch mask that they are pimping at my local Duane Reade. The man needs to be stopped and his supporters need to be ostracized from western civilization.

Jaap said...

Pray for rain, lads. Glavine is 2-5 with a 6.75 ERA in his seven career postseason starts on fewer than four days of rest.

adoniram said...

I love your hate list comment.

I was watching with my wife and she's like "who the hell is that?"

"Uhh, just a Cardinals fan I guess."

"Why should we care about here?"

Good question.

Oh wait... here's she is again, same shot but this time with the homerun viewed at the same time.

Great television.

adoniram said...

Typo: "Why should we care about HER?"

The Metmaster said...

Darth Marc:
We are all fine and dandy in Queens. Thanks for asking.
By the way, when did you change your name to Lisa? (you know exactly what I mean)

Unser said...

As you say, BIG props to Ollie Perez. He pitched well, and in accordance with the circumstances of the game. Those two HRs in the 6th came off two fastballs which, given his team's 8 run lead, he properly grooved down the middle of the plate. Only ONE walk - totally shocking. I wouldn't start him in Game 7, but I'd keep him in the hole just in case. He also deserves consideration if - dare I say - they make it to the promised land.

So El Duque was warming up in the bullpen . . . hmmmm. If he is not on the roster for the WS, you will get your wish MD as Williams will most certainly be there.

Speaking of Williams, was Woodward handing him the puppies to throw off the building? Give Woody an at-bat Willie!

dcmetfan said...

Somewhere there is a Cardinals blogger named Cardinalstramus, and he probably has a hate list that looks something like this:

1.Carlos Delgado
2.Carlos Beltran
3.Carlos Delgado
4.Carlos Beltran
5.Tim McCarver (because, hey, all baseball fans hate him)

Skeeter Harrison said...

Metstradamus, we're a little late in discovering you (sorry) but today you're dancing on Baseball Nooz's center stage. Keep up the high-spirited work and we'll be following you throughout the playoffs (hopefully into the World Series).

Best regards,
Walter Roark (editor)
(All baseball, all the time—over
220 blog feeds + news sources)
P.S. It would be excellent to see a Baseball Nooz link on your site.

Metstradamus said...

Skeeter, don't be sorry. I haven't discovered you guys until now. But it's my pleasure to give you your link.


Anonymous said...

Wagner tends to make us sweat out the 9th at times...but watching Looper give up that home run made me queasy with flashbacks to last season...that all-too-familiar grimace on his face as he cranes his neck to watch the ball sail over the fence is not something I miss.

jabair said...

seeing looper reminds me of meeting an ex, its a bit awkward but you are glad you are no longer with that person..


hey metstra, looks like youre becoming popular here, just dont forget us little people after you get to hollywood.

Darth Marc said...

I'm right here, my little droogs...

I thought you folks would have been smart enough to ignore me like Metstradamus has....after all, my team and hopes for this season are dead and buried. What can I possibly do to bother the mighty Mets and the Scions of Shea?

The only things that could possibly empower me is your insecurity about your team's possible collapse.

And that couldn't possibly happen, could it? Not against the lowly Cardinals!!

Willie's kids couldn't lose to the lowly taNdem of Weaver, Carpenter and Suppan!!!

Could they?

Evil never always comes back to say hello.

Darth Marc

jabair said...




j m said...

The only things that could possibly empower me is your insecurity about your team's possible collapse.

Grammar aside (you're a Yankee fan, let's let it go), our team's "collapse" is only "possible" because, errr...we're still standing.

Wet yourself over "Mets fan insecurity" and "possible collapses" all you want, Marcy, but it's taking valuable time away from blogging about the important stuff, like "possible" Spring Training non-roster invitees.