Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Life Imitating Life Imitating Art

"The Duke led the league in hit batsmen...he even threw at his own kid in a father-son game!" -Harry Doyle, from "Major League"

What was once a concept thought so far out of the realm that it could be written as a punch line for a movie about the Cleveland Indians, is now reality. Everyone's favorite psychopath pitched batting practice to Astros minor leaguers this morning in Kissimmee. One of those minor leaguers hit a home run off of said psychopath. Now we all know what happens when somebody has success off of Roger Clemens.

And sure enough, Clemens got revenge, brushing back the latest who dared go deep off him...his son.

His own son.

At least Roger Clemens is consistant...and yes, he loves his children. (Didn't John Wayne Gacy love kids too?) He loves his children so much he started all of their names with the same initial as his most famous baseball accomplishment, the K. How sweet.

Maybe their initials should have been H.B.P.


On a side note, Victor Zambrano has named his kids using the same principle as Clemens did. His kids' names are Billy Bob, Bobby Brian, Barney Brent, Brian Ben, and Borden Bond. (He also has a girl named Barbara Bell Zambrano.)


Shawn Estes also threw BP to the Astros minor leaguers today, and missed Koby Clemens' hip by three feet.


iamSINATRA said...

Wow...the Rocket is a regular Joan Crawford. "Wire Hangers! What did I tell you about wire hangers in the strike zone?!"

BB Zambrano killed me. I am forwarding your work to two of my colleagues...one is a Met fan the other is mentally challenged (aka Yankee fan). We need the fuel for the water cooler banter. Tis a slow week in the office.

ALSO...I will be stealing your line from the last post:

I am thinking of instituting a filter, where a Yankee fan will have to identify the shortstop who preceded Derek Jeter to be able to post here (that would replace the word verification for them).

So true.

fredstradamus said...

No kidding ... or ask the manager who preceeded Pug Face, I mean, Torre.

Metstradamus said...

Kobyyyyyyyyy! Kristopheeeeeeeeeeer! Dammiiiiiiiit!

mr. met said...

I think we all know that Buck Showalter was one firing away from being know as the best manager of all time. Joe Torre stepped in shit. Really, they guy stepped into the biggest pile ever.

Jaap said...

I kill puppies for satan, good one. That made me laugh out loud. Or ROFPAL, whatever.

Wonder if Roger will throw a high and hard one to his kid's head next time.

iamSINATRA said...

For the record....

FIVE "Yankee" fans in my office could not answer the Derek Jeter question.

The Red Sox fan was the only one who knew right off the bat.

Yankee fans kill me.

Tommy_Calzone said...

I'm sure even if ya told them he was an ex-met they wouldn't get it!


I just better not see any yank fans I know wearing Mets garb in a few years....

Might have to stock up on cement shoes just in case!

Tommy_Calzone said...

heh heh

ask em who was traded for Paul O'Neil.....