Thursday, February 09, 2006

Is It A Coincidence?

We've recently witnessed what people have called the shadiest umpiring ever in a post-season.

Now, just months after that, we have questions about the refereeing in the Super Bowl.

And as we look for someone to blame, a scapegoat falls right in our lap:

Rick Tocchet.

Oh yeah, I went there. Like you weren't thinking it.

What else can we blame Tocchet for?

(Disclaimer: The jokes of the author in no way are meant to defame the reputation of the fine umpires and referees of MLB and the NFL, respectively. Nor are they meant to defame Mo Vaughn's cholesterol level, Rick Tocchet's alleged mob ties, and Erick Aybar's head. The author of this blog entry, and all blog entries, is a jackass. In the absence of Manny Ramirez trade rumors, Omar Minaya racial allegations, Pedro Martinez x-rays, winter league baseball, marijuana pipelines, Guillermo Mota beanballs, new Shea Stadium blueprints, Carlos Beltran grounders to second base, Braden Looper blown saves, and general obnoxiousness by members of Yankee biased media, the author feels that he must resort to cheap jokes about fixing the World Series and the Super Bowl...which obviously is not keep his hit counter ticking. Umpires and referees are upstanding, hard working people who try their very best day in and day out. In addition, all jokes referring to Roberto Alomar are intentional. Any similarities between Roberto Alomar and a hall of famer are purely coincidental.)

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iamSINATRA said...

and the winner of "Line of the Day" goes to:

Any similarities between Roberto Alomar and a hall of famer are purely coincidental.