Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Blanco, On Ryota, On Coste and Dickey!

Well, this is comforting:
"Jason Bay isn't the only free agent (outfielder) we're looking at. ...At some point we have to consider other plans." -Omar Minaya
And guess what, we might be at that point
"The Red Sox have had internal discussions about extending their organizational budget to potentially allow for another offer for free-agent OF Jason Bay." -Rob Bradford/WEEI (via Matt Cerrone)
Yeah, watching the world pass you by is always a great plan.

Well you thought you were going to have a special Christmas gift under your tree. Instead, you're preparing yourself for Omar Minaya to bring back Tom O'Malley and teach him to play left field at the age of 49 (just a year and a half older than Julio Franco). Well cheer up. Because Omar and The Acquisitions have put together a special Christmas video just for you. So Merry Christmas and get your ticket deposit money ready. (By the way, those "convenience charges" on your Ticketmaster bill ... they went towards the production values for this thing.)

(And happy birthday to Tom O'Malley, born on Christmas Day, 1960.)


tommy_calzone said...

Damus, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Stay safe & stay thirsty my friend.

Hazeleyes said...

So far we have the baseball equivalent of coal in our stockings, Metstradamus!

I wish you and all your readers a very Merry Christmas!