Thursday, December 10, 2009

If The Juggernaut So Chooses

"You mean, Jeff Wilpon hasn't gone all Pacman Jones on Indianapolis and made it rain all over the Marriott yet?"

Oh good, Scott "Prince of Darkness" Boras has gotten a look at the Mets finances, apparently.
Scott Boras, who represents outfielder Matt Holliday, called the Mets a financial "juggernaut" Wednesday, citing their television network, SNY; their new ballpark, Citi Field; and their location in the New York market.

"Their revenues are in the top three or four in baseball," Boras said. "The New York Mets have a lot of choices, and the Wilpon family is very successful. Sure, the Mets can sign any player they want to sign if they so choose to."
If they so choose to. Sounds like famous last words to me. Or, it sounds like the screws have been tightened just a bit further ... if not by Boras, then by Randy Wolf's new Brewers contract, convincing the Mets that maybe they spend a little bit more to get more quality. I know, I know, paying for quality is a lost art on this planet. But perhaps the evidence may be pointing to the next Cristal party in Indianapolis being on the tab of Jeff Wilpon.

If he so chooses to (shudder).


tommy_calzone said...

That's it!

I have been saying for 2 years Omar needs to go get MAX RAMIREZ from the Rangers.

Oh nevermind the red sox just got him for mike lowell


FIRST you pass on Vmart NOW you eff up getting one of the few catching prospects that can crush 30-40 homers?


Schneck said...

You know it should be either "if he so chooses" or "if he chooses to." The combination grates on me. A man with that much money all of which based on his talking skills should know better. Of course, Omar would have thrown a few other random words in there as well like "you know, if he so chooses to do it is his choice, you know." Not sure where I was going with this.

Metstradamus said...

Max Ramirez = Doc Halladay chip.

tommy_calzone said...

100% on Max being a chip.
Good call.