Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jason eBay

The Yankees are about to hit the "Buy It Now" button.


Hazeleyes said...

It would be just like the Yanks to buy a player they don't need just to keep someone else from getting him.

If the Mets don't get Bay then this whole offseason can be described as a terrible disaster that harbingers no good for 2010.

Not that Bay alone could do much. But still, at least it looks like they did something besides stock up on old catchers.

tommy_calzone said...

Ken Davidoff's column in newsday today:

"Look, I'm not here to make the state of the Mets sound all cute and fancy. They're often a mess. They spent a good chunk of Monday preparing for tomorrow's grievance hearing regarding Yorvit Torrealba's failed physical from two years ago."


link: http://www.newsday.com/columnists/ken-davidoff/davidoff-mets-glass-half-full-ok-halladay-s-a-phillie-but-at-least-lee-isn-t-1.1653595

Demitri said...

Can we just offer 2 yrs to Torealba and be done with it? I'm assuming he'll come cheaper than Molina.

I'm for auditioning some of the high risk/reward guys like Sheets or Wang, and see where it takes them.

As foreign as it seems to Minaya - he should be making moves around competing in 2011, and not do anything stupid to make everyone feel good now.

Schneck said...

If, at any point, Omar says that they are satisfied with their current roster and felt no pressure to make a move I will throw my Billy Wagner bobble head (which ironically had broken arms and legs when I opened the box) at my Citi Field replica (which ironically was already cracked when I opened it). The inaction is bad enough but when they inevitably start to insult the intelligence of the fans, it drives me crazy. I do hope, however, that I don't sound too negative.