Thursday, September 24, 2009

L > W: Snoop Knows Math

Snoop Manuel knows his math. And with this limited time offer, he'll teach it to you for the low low price of your soul!
"I think in evaluation of any manager, you go on wins and losses. And my losses were much greater than the wins." -Snoop Manuel, on his job performance in 2009
Sometime before the end of the season, Manuel hopes to recite the formula for earned run average without looking at flash cards. It's going to be an exciting day. Don't miss out!

The Mets lost to the Braves for the 405th straight time on Wednesday after Bobby Cox announced he was only going to manage the Braves for one more season. When the Mets basically made the same announcement regarding Manuel, the Mets responded by losing four straight, and 22 of their next 30.

Obviously, the Mets could use a break ... and Snoop conceded that a lot of players could use some time off. Don't worry, there's a whole lot of it coming in just a week and a half.
"I definitely need a break, a chance to clear my head and come back next year ready to go. I think any way you look at it, I’ve had a bad year. I’ll try to learn from it and come back next year and set even higher goals than I’ve had this year. And hopefully, I can achieve them." Mike Pelfrey, on how the offseason can't arrive fast enough.
Mike's had a bad year when judged on the Manuel equation: L > W. Of course it's a derivative of the more complicated equation:
Got all that? Good. Tomorrow, we'll identify objects.


James Allen said...

Do people even listen to Manuel in these post game interviews anymore? Are any real beat writers there anymore, or are they cardboard cutouts with mp3 players equipted to ask all the same questions day in and day out?

And I'm glad the Mets have single-handedly kept the Braves playoff hopes alive; after all those guys need a break. I'll be so bold as to coin the phrase "you have got to believe" (or something similar) for our rivals to the south.

But hey, the Jets and Giants are both 2-0.

Schneck said...

I am familiar with that formula for L as a math major. However, in more recent years I've read that the formula has been improved with the by raising the denominator to the constant exponent: GRIT. GRIT is a constant between 1 and 100 and can often be estimated fairly accurately by the equation 1 - METS.09 .

On another note, I will be writing in, and encourage others to do the same, for my 2009 refund. We now have a precedent...

Metstradamus said...

I saw that Chip Kelly story. If they lose two in Washington next week, the Wilpons will be getting an invoice from me.

Schneck said...

Schneck should proof read his comments so that they'd only be a little bit confusing rather than extremely confusing. Schneck refers you to the many math texts available at the Hospital for Special Surgery library in order to get the correct formulation for GRIT. Schneck's use of the phrase "with the by" was due a bad Google translation from from my native language, ǃXóõ.

Hazeleyes said...

Good luck to all of you seeking refunds. I think you deserve them. To think I was disappointed that I was not able to afford any kind of package this year.

Must Manuel return next year? Has he done anything to merit it? I don't think the record would be that much better without the injuries. I cannot stand this guy. If I had purchased packages or plans like some of you did I would ask for a refund but would accept the firing of Manuel in lieu of cash. The whole team can be healthy next year and I don't think they will win the division or a wild card as long as they are being managed by this guy.