Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Be Continued

Apologies for the short post tonight. I don't even know what to say except that when the first two runners got on off Frankie in the ninth, my thought was "how are we going to lose this one?" Sure enough ...

I got to witness it all ... six rows from the Mets dugout. And they heard plenty of me by the time they retreated to the dugout. The words: "back up the truck" were prevalent.

It was misplaced frustration. I probably shouldn't have yelled at the players, some of whom put their signature on a baseball for me before the game. You should know that none of those players who were nice enough to provide signatures were responsible for what happened on Wednesday. For the rest of you ... well, back up the truck. Since I can't yell at Snoop, or Omar, or the Wilpons, the players had to feel the brunt of that.

But Frankie, hows about a strike once in a while? Is that a lot to ask?

And Wilson, I thought you were some sort of defensive wizard. Isn't that the only reason you're in the majors? Oh that's right, I forgot about the 34 tears that Jose Reyes has in his hamstring. There's that. (Way to go, medical staff.)

Oh, and even though the only person I should blame for all of this is myself for wanting to travel all the way to Washington, DC to see the Mets lose two meaningless games in spectacularly horrendous fashion, I want my money back. I want a refund for Tuesday's and Wednesday's tickets, my one night in the hotel, my round trip bus tickets, the 3 Musketeers bar I bought at the vending machine, everything. The invoice is in the mail, headed to 126-01 Roosevelt Ave. Send my refund to Metstradamus at Wysteria Lane.

See you at our own Fan Appreciation Day. Oh wait ...

To be continued.


thouarthailjohan said...

I think Matt Cerrone's animation of headbanging on Metsblog speaks volumes.

Can't blame you for being beyond pissed...I can't wait to see us get a high draft pick get Bryce Harper with the #6 pick and watch him break both of his legs simultaneously from a collision with luis castillo in spring training.

Football time anyone?

Anonymous said...

Rangers hockey....woohoo!!!!!!


The Metmaster said...

I really hate to sound like a broken record, but this latest Reyes news just boggles the mind. It is more proof of the second-rate, clueless management of the New York Mets. By Labor Day even a blind man could see that the season was lost. There was absolutely no reason to continue to have Reyes or Beltran, two of the "core" players, continue rehabilitation. They should have been immediately shut down, Reyes should have been told to have the tendon surgery, and both should have been told to work at being 100 per cent for spring training. Instead, Beltran came back at less than full-strength, made no impact at all in September, and Reyes idiotically stated that he wanted to make an appearance, even if it was the last week of the season, to show people he was not "lazy". And the Mets went right along with it. I'm convinced they are actually behind it all. Suckers like me paid for our tickets in February. The box score shows the attendance at every game at approx. 38,000. You could fire a cannon at Citi Field these days and not hit anyone. The Wilpons have their ticket dough. They will draw over 3-million. But where they are really taking it in the shorts is SNY. Last weekend the Jets, Giants, Yankees and Mets all played on Sunday. You needed sonar to find the SNY rating. I really believe that the Mets have allowed these guys to push themselves for a late season return solely for ratings for SNY. So now instead of a minor procedure that Reyes could have had done much earlier this season and would require a 6-8 week recovery, he is facing a more major surgery that will need 6-months to heal and rehabilitate. The Mets will go to spring training with yet another hole to fill at shortstop along with a finding a starter, first baseman, catcher, and left fielder.
The Mets are the most inept, bumbling organization in professional sports thanks to the village idiots, the Wilpons.

Schneck said...

Here's what they need to do. Step 1, Dump the entire roster. That's right. Each player goes to the highest bidder. Step 2, bank the money. Step 3, call 2010 "Old Timer's Year" and bring back a full squad of all time Met favorites as voted by the fans. To add to the fun, Ron and Keith can continue their duties as announcers but do it from the field as they play. This solves three problems. 1. the omission of Old Timer's Games as every game will be an Old Timer's Game; 2. the omission of Fan Appreciation Days as the fans vote for the team (they can also vote on the manager between Davey Johnson, Bobby Valentine and Art Howe); 3. the omission of any mention of our all time favorite Mets as they'd be right there on the field. Come on, Ya Gotta Believe!

MetFanMac said...

Last night's penguins was particularly large. And defecated on our faces.

Anonymous said...

That's what Wilpon's worrying about these days-paying homage to Mariano F***ING Riveria! Why is the owner of the New York Mets anywhere in the vicinity of Mariano F***ING Riveria? Probably for the same reason that his team plays in a stadium with a rotunda named for a player who never played for (or even against) the Mets. Wilpon has a real love for NY baseball, just not NY METS baseball.

Now comes another long off-season full of meaningless moves and the usual inaction. Maybe Omar will sign a washed-up starter on the cheap, or another geriatric fossil to man the completely unimportant LF position. Reyes is a mess, Beltran's getting very creaky, Johan has arm issues, so does Maine, Wright is regressing, there's no catcher, Luis Castillo is still Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez is still terrible.

And the Wilpon's are digging up hunks of Citi Field and handing them to Yankees. It took them most of the season to getting around to saluting all-time Met greats, but for Mariano they went that extra mile. The Wilpons are why we suck so much. I'm not going to another Met game until they're gone.

Hazeleyes said...


It's like the Keystone Kops run this organization.

First there is Reyes who has clearly been mismanaged. He is not lazy and whoever has been implying he is dogging it is an idoit. Now we have to hope he is ready for April Great.

And then the head wingnuts honor Mariano. What's next Pee Wee Reese Day? Derek Jeter Bobblehead doll day? The name of this team is the Mets. If you want to own the Dodgers or buy part of the Yanks should a piece come up for sale, go ahead, Wilpons. So long as you sell this franchise to people who want to own the Mets and celebrate this team's history and players.

And yeah, you should get a refund, pally.