Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Scrambled Hubris

Hey, the Braves are in town. And as such, I think it's time to revisit something:
"I've got to say that there was something particularly satisfying about taking two from the Mets and their two best pitchers right after Metsradamus dismissed us as not even in contention for winning the DIVISION, much less anything else. You said we would be lucky to break .500 (...) The Mets still can't win at Turner Field. The Mets still can't beat the Braves. Order has been restored to the baseball universe." -Anonymous Braves fan, April 7th, 2008
So how's that baseball universe treatin' ya, buddy? Seem a little disoriented? Of course you do. Now you know how Ryan Church feels. Yeah, remember him? He of the late slide that callously caused your shortstop to miss a couple of games.

Oh, by the way, Yunel Escobar has played 63 games since Church's slide. Church has played 15 ... and for a couple of months, he couldn't differentiate eggs from light sockets.

But his slide was dirty. Yeah, our bad.

But hey Anonymous, you'll always have those two games in April. They'll keep you warm during those cold winter months. Now go trade Will Ohman to us for a box of hammers.*

*Assuming your true identity is Frank Wren.


Toasty Joe said...

Amen. [clears throat]





dawn said...

I can't speak for anonymous, but the 4-game sweep in May actually is more of a comfort to me.

Also, the prospect of playing spoiler is the only thing Braves fans really have left to look forward to for this season. Hopefully, we can screw things up for the Mets -- that could be quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you put the "snark" in Snarfrigginfantabulous! I laughed 'til I pooted Gummi Butterflies!

(It's true ... Gummi isn't just for bears and worms anymore.)

Your brother (on too much cough syrup)