Monday, August 11, 2008

Your 2008 Hall Of Hate Inductee

The voting for this season's Hall of Hate turned out to be as much psychology experiment than ballot. Who do you blame more for 2007 ... the opposing player who made a brash promise and delivered? Or your own player with the Hall of Fame credentials who fell flat on his face in one of the biggest starts of his life, and certainly his biggest start as a New York Met?

Your vote was close, but ...

You, the fans, voted Tom Glavine in the Hall of Hate by 12 votes over Jimmy Rollins. Certainly, that fateful start last September was the main ingredient. But his ill-conceived post-game non-chalance and his quick return to the safe haven of the Mets' main rival over the last 15 years sealed this meal.

Tom Glavine 177
Jimmy Rollins 165
Guillermo Mota 162
Shane Victorino 156
Brett Myers 129
Pete Rose 63
Mel Rojas 46
Albert Pujols 39
Joe Torre 33
Jeff Torborg 24
Eddie Murray 23
John Thomson 22
Tony Fernandez 22
Richie Hebner 20

And if Mike Jacobs continues his assault on his former franchise (and if he comes up with a stupid quote about putting on your Yankee gear), you can expect him on this ballot around the year 2023.

(Editor's Note: For those itching to hear the big announcement, and didn't get to do so on WGBB last night, you can hear the show in its entirety Monday at 6PM here.)


MetFanMac said...

Richie Hebner, last place? What a crock. (So I'm obsessed. Sue me.)

Anonymous said...


I mean boo!

You know what I mean. Good going, 'tradamus Nation. You made the right call.

Some day, the veterans committee will do right by Richie Hebner.

Anonymous said...

I think he clinched it by only being disappointed rather than devastated. That would have made him one of us (kind of).

Anonymous said...

Impressive photo shopping!

So we play the next 7 games against Pittsburgh and Washington . . . and this scares me. Are my feelings justified?

katherine said...


I agree that Glavine belongs, but I am DEVASTATED that Pete Rose is not in.

I was reading recently an article about the Rose/Harrelson fistfight and discovered that Buddy and Pete went out for dinner together that same night. So why can't I move on?

Metstradamus said...



Anonymous said...

Is it too late to include Aaron Heilman?

Anonymous said...

One ... Didn't the next 3 people uner glavine have enough votes to be inducted?? It should be if you recieve 100 votes than you get inducted

Metstradamus said...

I can't put everyone in this season ... there'd be noone left next year.

A lot of people were inducted in past seasons ... but then you get guys like Mo Vaughn and Joe Randa get in who really don't deserve it. It should be hard to get in. You have to earn it.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Glavine. Bastard.