Thursday, August 21, 2008

Face Washed

There are certain things I notice about a baseball game that nobody else does.

It's not something I brag about, because most of these things that only I notice border on the ridiculous ... like in the bottom of the seventh when Fernando Tatis made a bid to give the Mets the lead with a deep drive to left, only to fall harmlessly into the glove of Omar Infante ... the same glove which he then used to give a playful face wash to a fan behind the wall, no doubt getting a little revenge for some good ol' American heckling. Infante got a smile out of that.

So who's glove do you think clanked Carlos Delgado's fifth hit of the evening and lost the game for the Braves (and completed a sweep ... a sweep??!?) Ooooh, it was Omar Infante's glove. The same glove that face washed one of our own in left field.

Dare I say, I got a smile out of that.


I also got a smile about the play in the top of the ninth, which Gregor Blanco really should have been called safe on a play at first base with two outs and a runner on second, and prevented the go-ahead run from scoring from Atlanta. Perhaps karma is on our side right now.

But I ask this, and it has to do with replay: If you eventually make replay about more than home runs, and include plays at first base ... and a play like that happens where you look at it, and then reverse the call and put Blanco at first base ... what do you do with the runner? Put him at third? Let him score? Make it a judgement call with the umpires even though the umpires, as soon as the play is called "out", stop paying attention to what Martin Prado is doing at third base?

That is a subtle reason why you'll probably never see replay go past fair/foul, home run/no home run.


Luis Ayala for Anderson Hernandez: A trade that works for everybody except the Phillies.

And speaking of the Phillies: In the remaining days of the month, the Mets and Phillies play twice. Otherwise, the Mets have the Astros and Marlins. The Phillies, meanwhile, have the Dodgers and Cubs.

So if there's ever a chance to pad the 2.5 game lead, it's August.


And just because I've gone a whole post without mentioning it ... and this is purely obligatory:

Hey Mikey? How those schools in Denver working out for ya?

(Editor's Note: You do realize that in twelve years when the Mets celebrate the 20th anniversary of the N.L. Championship team, that Mike Hampton will be there? You realize that he'll still get booed, right? Maybe instead of money, the fans can throw loose leaf paper and chalk in his general direction ... maybe some erasers too.)

(Editor's Note Part II: I'm not condoning violence.)


Anonymous said...

MD - Blanco was actually out! Take a look at the replay - Blanco missed first base when his foor landed just short of the bag. He didn't touch first until he dragged his foot over the bag, after Delgado caught the ball. No one seems to have noticed this . . .

Anonymous said...

I smiled, too.

Blanco missed first base on that play in the ninth. If you have the game on DVR or TIVO, check it out again.

katherine said...

Unser, Danny - I WONDERED why Blanco and Bobby Cox did not argue that call! Of course that's why...

Though for the entire series Bobby Cox seemed too highly medicated (or depressed, or both) to move from his spot on the bench.

TW said...

...except the umpire.

This Ayala/Hernandez may be the greatest trade in the history of the Mets.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone listen to the game on the FAN last night? Howie spent about 10 minutes explaining that Mets fans don't like Hampton because he didn't throw at a Yankee after Clemens threw the bat at Piazza.

Finally, Wayne Hagin stepped in and made a crack about the Denver schools, and all was restored.

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice that Anderson Hernandez had an RBI for the Nats last night. Sweet. So glad we could help you Washington.

Of course he's going to hit for the cycle next time they play the Mets.

Ed in Westchester said...

Infante obviously confused Delgado's liner with an Ayala fastball.

(side note - moderating comments now huh? Getting too much spam?)

Toasty Joe said...

If he was in fact safe, I simply look at that blown call as payback for Angel Hernandez calling Brian Jordan safe at home on the last game before the All-Star break in 1998. Also known as the worst call I've ever seen.

Toasty Joe said...

By the way, this is an actual comment to that crappy "Chop Chick" AJC Braves blog last night:

Hi, I’m Seong-Ho,Yoon living in Jinhae City south korea now.

What the fuXX viliage baseball braves are!!

Martin Prado’s 1B playing, Omar Infante’s LF playing are original culprit of today’s lost to Mets.

At 1B you had to use AAA’s Babaro Canizarez, and at LF you had to use Brandon Jones in this status of so many injured starting player.

Martin Prado’s major is 2B,3B,SS not 1B, Omar Infante’s major is 2B,3B not LF.

This is major league? Change PT&GM&Manager to people who can win over neutron sound or unimplanted. ^*^

Why? Me? ^^ If I could be GM of Braves, I must make Braves the Zionic Messianic Team. I will promise. Puhahaha ^^

How? So many players being disturbed by Babylon could play at Braves, and Fair election of player and Fair starting playing in Major&Minor could be made I think. ^*^ Puhahaha!!!

And…friends of Babylon whole have to go other teams. ^*^

May the force of Messiah be with you

Anonymous said...

How could Infante be number one on your hate list? Don't you just have to love him for his play in left?

Anonymous said...

thats right. Infante: I'm loving it!