Monday, August 18, 2008

How Much Are YOU Worth?

There's a goofy website out there called "Human For Sale" which tells you how much you're worth if you ever want to sell yourself. And before you ask, I never finished the survey because I don't have to ... I already know you can't put a dollar figure on my worthlessness.

And lucky for Luis Ayala, he doesn't have to finish this survey either (and risk having his e-mail flooded with spam for weeks afterwards.) Because we know what Ayala is worth: $1.88.

That's what the Mets gave up for Ayala ... as in the buck eighty-eight average that Anderson Hernandez was putting up in New Orleans, cementing his place as nothing more than a defensive replacement on a good team (equivalent to a regular role on the Washington Nationals), so off he goes to get the former Montrealer Ayala in return and continue Minaya's march to create the "Metspos".

Of course, in this Mets bullpen, you can't place a value on another veteran arm with a 1-8 record and a 5.77 ERA, which makes him fit right in with this outfit which suffered through another outing where Filthy Sanchez did nothing but throw batting practice to the Pirates in a tie game. That created a small stain on a stellar road trip which finishes up at 6-1 after the 5-2 loss to Jack Wilson, Steve Pearce, Steve Pearce's Ultimate Warrior facepaint, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Sanchez blames a monkey on his back. It certainly couldn't have been the super-cool shades he was wearing, right? Perhaps the good ol' goggles should make a return.)

And it's crystal clear that John Maine needs to learn what Johan Santana has learned ... that is how to go nine innings. Johan learned to make sure the pen doesn't see the light of day, and now Maine needs to learn the art of distrust. But seriously, Maine seems to be back where he was before the injury, five innings, few runs, and 2,000 pitches (okay, 96). I'm sure that regardless of the bullpen problems, the Mets would love find a way to have John use his pitches a little more economically. Because when it comes to today's economics, $1.88 doesn't buy much these days.


upstate met fan said...

the sheff pic is freaking me out!

Anonymous said...

Which makes me woner why this Ayala deal "fell through" once before this season. What were we offering? Jay Horwitz?

TW said...

I think I'm ready for Jerry to send Maine to the pen. This way we can get a good two innings of 55 pitch baseball out of him.

Anonymous said...

My biggest memory of Anderson - he represented the winning run on first base in the 9th inning of 2006 NLCS Game 7. . .

I give the pen a pass yesterday, even though it was, again, horrible. Our batting ave. with men on, with 2 outs, with the bases loaded, etc. is atrocious. Gotta change that.

Hope the slumping Delgado gets a rest tonight - would like to see Nick Evans spell him for a day.

Anonymous said...

Maine couldn't break 90 with his fastball yesterday and was mostly around 86-88. Clearly, something is wrong. He'd better get right if he wants to do well against stronger teams than Pittsburgh (which is pretty much all of them).