Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Junior's Cheesecake And Bobby's Cheese

Now I know what you must be thinking: "Well if Metstradamus could come up with an entire rant about Fernando Nieve, I can only imagine how he's going to complain about signing Junior Spivey."

Believe me, I tried. I tried to come up with a soliloquy so negative yet so grand that it would make the hairs on the backs of all your necks stand up. But I just can't. I'm too tired. And there's only so many times I can come up with a 500 word masterpiece piece of crap on a guy signed to a minor league deal or picked up on waivers. Besides, every time I bemoan the signing of a guy who hasn't been on a major league roster since 1974, he winds up making the major league club and hitting .450 over the course of two months and makes me look like an idiot (that's before he rips his hamstring like pulled pork while applying Mighty Putty to a leaky pipe on an off day.) So I'm done playing that game.

Instead, I point you to the fact that Bobby Parnell is steaming towards a job in the Mets' pen as a set up guy. If there's one thing the Mets lacked in their bullpen last season, it was a swing and miss guy who throws hard. Yeah, I know ... the Mets, in actuality, lacked about 49 things in that bullpen last season. But Parnell is just the kind of guy the Mets have been missing, and could use if he can put it together. And if Parnell can do for the sixth/seventh what Frankie Rodriguez, J.J. Putz, and Sean Green are supposed to do for the eighth and ninth, then maybe Met fans aren't going to have to go through a season's worth of Rolaids by May 6th.


Dan said...


I'm with you. I think the bullpen is going to be a strength this season. Maybe not ’06 good, but pretty darn close. Assuming, of course, all those four-out saves locked up by K-Rod on Venezuala's march to the WBC Championship dosen't slow him down during the regular season.

It's the starting pitching I'm worried about. And my biggest worry is our #3 starter: John Maine. The Mets need him to be a winning pitcher if they want to win the division, and all of his over-thinking, which is documented nicely by Matt Cerrone over at MetsBlog, is starting to worry me.

Also related to the bullpen, did ya hear the Pods signed Duaner Sanchez to a minor league contract? Wouldn't it be ironic if Filthy, not K-Rod, gets the first recorded save at Citi Field?

Unser said...

I think, years from now, we'll all be looking back at the 2008 season in amazement, saying things like "The Mets were up 5-0 going into the ninth and it STILL wasn't a lock with THAT pen."

Think of all the games, even the ones they won, which were so uncomfortable to watch that you went to sleep with a nervous tic. Think of all the saves that were blown even after the team staged a dramatic comeback.

That had to be one of the all-time worst 'pens for a contending team. It's still really mind-blowing to me . . . . as well as save-blowing.