Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo Essay

Hey, it's the week in pictures!

Amazing what Oliver Perez can do when he's not on the Ted Higuera training regimen.

Hey, hanram2 uses Twitter! (Yeah, I think this Twitter thing is way out of hand too.)

The book for Mets fans who like to read. You mean you haven't picked it up yet? It's the perfect Opening Day gift. (Which begs the question: Why hasn't Hallmark produced "Happy Opening Day" cards yet? Probably because Bud Selig hasn't found a way to mark them up 300% and profit off them yet.)

If David is going to grow a mustache like these guys want him to do, I'm voting for Rollie Fingers and the handlebar ... all the way. This way, the next time he throws one into right field, the mustache wax residue on his fingers gives him a built in excuse.

Besides, don't you want to see David stroll into the opener in Cincinnati looking like this guy?

It's got "international incident" written all over it.


MetFanMac said...

Oh dear... that Wright photo has put me in a giggling fit :)

On a side note, what on earth is that mascot holding??

Marco DL said...

Maybe some kind of Dr. Evil rocket machine?

Man I'd definitively like to get that book (when some colleagues of mine go in the States I'll have him/her purchase it - here when you order on Amazon a book you have to pay custom fees equal to almost half the cover price)

Schneck said...

The mascot is holding the bottle that they use to collect Ken Griffey Jrs body parts as he sheds them.